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HTML5 Quiz

The candidates can take the HTML5 Quiz from this article. This Quiz involves in HTML5 MCQ Online Test with questions and answers. The primary purpose of HTML5 MCQ online test is to help you to evaluate the HTML5 knowledge by yourself. In this post, the contenders can find the importance of the HTML5 and how can we implement in our daily lifestyle to make things more comfortable than before. Furthermore, the contenders can also check the instructions and how to check the result. Applicants can practice the Multiple Choice Questions related to the HTML5 from this article. So, refer to this post and learn new things about the HTML5.

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HTML5 Quiz Details

Quiz NameHTML5
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions25
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

HTML5 MCQ Quiz Instructions

Now, the candidates need to practice the test by following some basic instructions. These instructions should follow the test attendee to avoid problems. It consists of the number of questions, time and some more points to remember during the test.

  • The aspirants should go through the question thoroughly. The maximum number of questions in the test is 25 questions.
  • No time limit for the online test
  • The candidates who complete the test can submit their test by just hit on the ‘submit’ button.
  • In any case, while going through the test don’t refresh the page.

HTML5 Online Test


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1. Which of the following is correct about Web form 2.0 in HTML5?

2. ……………………… is empty HTML5 element, which is used to specify multiple media resources for media elements like audio and video.

3. Which of the following element is used for highlighting content similarly to how a highlighter pen might be used on important text in a book?

4. ………………. attribute allows you to specify the default data rather than relying on what may have been entered in the browser previously.

5. What is the replacement for cookies in HTML5?

6. The tag used to define navigation links is

7. The ………………… element represent some form of extra details such as a tooltip or revealed region that may be shown to user.

8. Which among the following browsers does the HTML5 supports?

9. ………………… element in HTML5 is used to indicate that text has been added to the document.

10. A value of ………………… in rules attribute used in <table> element specifies horizontal dividing rules between groups of table cells defined by the thead, tbody, tfoot or cell group element.


About HTML5

HTML5 is very easy to learn even for non-programmers. By using HTML5, we can create our website. Tim Berners-Lee was the first to put up this HTML5. Nowadays as more and more content is moving to the web HTML5 helps to create or convert the document into web content. The HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. It is used for structuring and presenting content on the www(World Wide Web).

Benefits Of Practicing HTML5 Quiz

Within this section, the applicants can get the benefits by taking the HTML5 Quiz. Furthermore, the aspirants can learn the various type of questions by practicing the online tests. Thus, the contenders can know how to answer all the questions within the time duration. Therefore, the students need to practice the quiz which is provided in this article. By practicing the HTML5 Quiz, the applicants can learn the time management skills.

How to check the HTML5 Online Test Results

The contenders can’t wait for the results after taking the test. To break that eagerness we have provided the result of the test when the quiz is completed. Thus, the participants can verify the result by clicking on the Submit button after completing the test. Therefore, the applicants can know their scores immediately after finishing the exam. Applicants need not wait to see the result after the completion of the exam.

Hope, the given HTML5 Quiz is useful to all the applicants. So, the contenders can visit Freshers Now to know about more quizzes. We have arranged all the technical subjects online test on our web portal. Hence, the aspirants can practice and collect all the questions.


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