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Java Quiz

The aspirants who have willing to gain knowledge regarding Java Multiple Choice Questions can check this post. This article includes the Java Quiz. Java plays a significant role during the interview these days especially for the Java recruiters and hiring department. The contenders can check this post thoroughly about the instructions and results regarding Java MCQ Online Test. We also provided every information in detailed to get rid of the problems often faced by the Java developers. So, give your time, in turn, we offer the best performance to learn the knowledge of Java Quiz. Students can practice Java Online Test with the help of this post.

Java Quiz Details

Quiz NameJava 8
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions25
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Java MCQ Quiz Instructions

Here, we have provided some general instructions regarding the practice of the test. The exam conducts in Multiple choice questions format. This quiz consists of totally 25 questions for each question there exist four options of which three are irrelevant and one correct answer. The contenders need to find out the correct answer from that four options. The results will compute in such a way that each correct answer carries one mark. There is no negative mark for the wrongly answered question. There is no time limit for the quiz. If the aspirants finish the exam before the time provided click on the submit button at the end of the test. The most important instruction is not to refresh the page in any situation while the test is going on.

Java Online Test


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1. Which one of the following is true for Java

2. What is known as the classes that extend Throwable class except RuntimeException and Error?

3. Which type of validation we must implement the Validateable interface (or extend ActionSupport class) and provide the implementation of validate method?

4. Abbreviate the term DGC?

5. What is function overriding?

6. Java has its origin in

7. Suppose a class has public visibility. In this class we define a protected method. Which of the following statements is correct?

8. Which constructor creates an empty string buffer with the specified capacity as length.

9. Abbreviate the term OGNL?

10. Which validates the given string with the specified regular expression,it can be used in password, security key etc.?


About Java Language

Java is mainly used to create all the applications that may run on a single computer or distributes to the server or the client. Java is a high-level programming language which is developed by Sun Microsystems. This language is also an object-oriented programming language. The developers can build code more comfortable in designing any applications with the help of Java. The syntax in Java is similar to the syntax in C++ but strictly contains classes, which uses to define objects and methods.

Benefits of Practicing Java Quiz

  • The candidates can answer the question quickly and can learn the logic to answer the question in time.
  • By practicing more, the aspirants can get perfection in the topics Java online test.
  • Programmers will face the interview with more confidence and can get succeeded.

How To Check Java Online Test Results

After the completion of the Java MCQ Online Test, everyone will have the curiosity to know the performance of the test. For such candidates, our team has provided the results that exhibit the level of performance. In addition to the scorecard, for every question in the quiz is provided with the correct answer with the corresponding explanations which can give precise information regarding that topic. It helps aspirants to know about which topic the question is related. By this procedure, candidates can understand how to correct them in real – applications.

Expecting all the information provided above is useful to all the aspirants. Hence, the students can check Freshers Now to learn more programming languages.


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