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JavaScript Quiz

Contenders who want to learn the basics of the JavaScript must focus on this page. Also, candidates can practice the JavaScript Quiz. People who want to get through from the interview or else form the competitive exams regarding the Technical section. Then they can practice the given JavaScript MCQ in this section. We also offer the JavaScript Programming Quiz that helps you to overcome the issues facing the written test part. So, we advise aspirants to move forward to learn the essential element and then practice the JavaScript Online Test. We have given you the commonly asked JavaScript Multiple Choice Questions that they can have the apparent explanation for each question.

Details About JavaScript Quiz

Quiz NameJavaScript
CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions25
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Aspirants while participating in this JavaScript Online Test, they must know the necessary information about what we provide. We embedded all the details of the JavaScript Programming Quiz like the name of the quiz and also the number of questions given for the test. Moreover, it specifies the type of the exam.

JavaScript MCQ Quiz Instructions

Every individual while attempting the JavaScript Interview Questions they should know the instruction for such exam. So, one should follow the instruction must and should to complete the test in right way.

  • Moreover, the test is of Multiple Choice Type, and students can choose the correct answer to the question in the given four option.
  • So, contenders make a note of it and then try to complete this test as soon as possible within time.
  • Furthermore, there is no negative marking too.

JavaScript Online Test


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1. Javascript is _________ language.

2. Which of the following function of String object is used to match a regular expression against a string?

3. The script tag must be placed in

4. When a JavaScript object is sent to Java, the runtime engine creates a Java wrapper of type ___________

5. The behaviour of the instances present of a class inside a method is defined by

6. Which best explains getSelection()?

7. _____ JavaScript statements embedded in an HTML page can respond to user events such as mouse-clicks, form input, and page navigation.

8. JavaScript is designed for following purpose

9. _________ keyword is used to declare variables in javascript.

10. Why JavaScript is called as Lightweight Programming Language?


About JavaScript

In general, javascript is scripting language as well as dynamic computer programming language. Moreover, it is lightweight and used for the part of web page designing. And implement the client-side script to interact with the user. Mostly this language is to design the dynamic pages. Also, this language is also known as the LiveScript and changed like javascript by the Netscape. To know more info about JavaScript Quiz must read the entire article. Furthermore, the general-purpose core of the language has been embedded in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers. Also, the ECMA-262 Specification defined the standard version of the core JavaScript language. The following are the features of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language.
  • Designed for creating network-centric applications.
  • Complementary to and integrated with Java.
  • Interpreted Programming Language with the object-oriented capabilities.
  • Complementary to and integrated with HTML.
  • Open and cross-platform

The Advantages of JavaScript programming language are

  • Less server interaction
  • Increased interactivity
  • Immediate feedback to the visitors
  • Richer interfaces

Benefits Of Practicing The JavaScript Quiz

  • JavaScript Interview Questions helps you to improve your coding skills.
  • Increases your logical and thinking ability.
  • Contenders can have capable to attempt any type of JavaScript Programming Quiz better after this test.
  • Also, we provide you the apt explanation for each question whether it is right or wrong.

How To Check JavaScript Programming Online Test Results

Candidates after the submission of the test, don’t go away and stay here for better results. Also, the marks are in the form of the ranks or grades. So, please check the appropriate explanation for every question and note them to recover the mistakes in future.

Hereby, we enclose that we provide more information and also exciting questions relevant to the JavaScript Quiz. You need to do is follow our Freshers Now website.


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