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Aspirants who want to test their knowledge regarding the SAP ABAP Quiz can now go through this post thoroughly. This post contains SAP ABAP Quiz which all candidates can practice for free. All the contenders can check complete details about SAP ABAP MCQ Online test. Learning about SAP ABAP helps the candidates to face the interview and can perform well in the interviews. Therefore, the contenders can find some basic instructions for the test, How to check the result of the SAP ABAP Quiz and also benefits of practicing the SAP ABAP Quiz. Suggestion before going to take the test go through this post carefully and attempt the test.

SAP ABAP Quiz Details

CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions24
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 SAP ABAP MCQ Quiz Instructions

Here, general instructions of the test are provided which helps the candidates to take the SAP ABAP test very comfortable. Go through this page thoroughly before taking the test. Follow all the instruction during the test. Moreover, the test contains totally 24 multiple choice questions. There is no time limit for this quiz. So candidates can now take the quiz without running behind the time. Once answering is done, the candidates can submit the test by just hitting on the submit quiz button which can be found at the bottom of the quiz. The participants should not refresh the page at any case.

SAP ABAP Online Test


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1. In an ABAP program, which of the following Processing blocks are not allowed?

2. Search help can not be attach to:

3. Types of Debugging in SAP?

4. Which attribute is invalid for a domain?

5. Which of the below program type can only be started using a transaction code?

6. What is the transaction code for "viewing background jobs"?

7. The message types are one of the following:

8. Search help can not be attach to:

9. What is invalid attribute of a domain

10. Sub query usually more efficient because:



SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing. ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. The SAP ABAP helps the customers to run the business with high accuracy. SAP ABAP is known to enterprise applications regarding software and software-related service revenue. Moreover, SAP ABAP is a high-level language that is primarily used to develop the enterprise applications for a large business and financial institution on SAP ABAP platform. Therefore, SAP ABAP protects organizational data breaches and security threads to leakage of information. SAP ABAP suits to integrated applications that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many functional areas. It is a single data source and sharing of data among all the units of an organization.

Benefits Of Practicing SAP ABAP Quiz

  • The SAP ABAP Quiz provides the aspirants to improve the accuracy in answering the test.
  • The test should complete in time this helps in attain time management.
  • The SAP ABAP MCQ Online Test helps the aspirants in solving the question in a more natural way.

How to check the SAP ABAP Online Test Results

The results of the SAP ABAP Quiz will be shared only when the test completes. Candidate can go through the correct answer to every question in the SAP ABAP quiz. In addition to this, the aspirants can also observe the explanation related to the question which describes the reason for the answer. The experts of SAP ABAP test have brought forward the clear and detailed information for every question. By this participants can gain additional knowledge regarding the topic in depth. It helps the aspirants to perform well in interviews relating SAP ABAP.

We hope the provided information on SAP ABAP quiz is useful to all the contenders. For more information and updates visit our site FreshersNow.


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