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Learn and Practice the SAP HANA Quiz from this web page. Candidates, who want to improve their knowledge in SAP HANA Multiple Choice Questions can check out this article. Many candidates are unable to crack the interview process due to lack of technical expertise. So, to avoid such type of conflicts, we are furnishing the SAP HANA MCQ along with answers in the below sections. Moreover, by practicing the SAP HANA Online Test aspirants can learn minimum knowledge about the subject. For more details about SAP HANA and benefits of taking the SAP HANA Quiz can check this article.

Details About SAP HANA Quiz

CategoryTechnical Quiz
Number of Questions25
TimeNo Time Limit
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Firstly, you should know all the necessary information regarding the SAP HANA Quiz. Moreover, this chart states you all the description of the test as well as the details like the name of the quiz and the type of the test.

Instructions Of SAP HANA Quiz

All the contenders should note that there is no time limit for the SAP HANA Online Test. So, be cautious and follow the guidelines. Therefore, remember all the things and get started. There are totally 25 questions offered. Also, each item acquires one mark. Moreover, the primary note for the test is there is no negative marking for the test. Also, everyone should click on submit button for successful completion. If you don’t do so then you can’t get your result back of the test. Furthermore, the time setter motivates you to cope up with the test. So keep it in mind and move forward.

SAP HANA Online Test


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1. How many perspectives are available in SAP HANA Studio (SPS03)?

2. A SAP HANA developer wants to create HTML application and to host it on web server in HANA. Which of the below component in HANA architecture can be used by Web applications to access HANA database?

3. SAP HANA database is developed in which language?

4. The SAP HANA system can be created within _____

5. Which perspective is used to create joins?

6. To get multiple measures from different tables, which of the below is most suitable view type to be used in HANA Modeling?

7. A SAP HANA Modeler is trying to activate an Analytical view and getting the error message- insufficient privilege. Which of the below user should get access on Schema and tables used in HANA view to activate the view?

8. Which of the below migration method in SAP HANA allows you to export multiple packages to remote HANA server?

9. What method is used to extract tables from ECC server in real time?

10. Which one of the following are components of SAP HANA Studio?



Learn SAP HANA overview here. And SAP stands for the Systems, Application, and Products in the data-processing. According to the former SAP executive, the HANA stands for Hasso’s New Architecture. Nextly, this HANA developed interest by mid-2011 and also the various fortune 500 companies started considering the HANA as an option to maintain Business Warehouse needs further.

Usually, the SAP HANA is the combination of HANA Database, Data Modeling and also the HANA Administration and Data Provisioning in one single suite. Moreover, in SAP HANA, HANA stands for the High-Performance Analytic Appliance. Furthermore, our team provided you the SAP HANA Questions that are frequently asked in the interview or even in the written. So, don’t lose this fantastic opportunity to take the SAP HANA MCQ Online Test.

Benefits Of Practicing The SAP HANA Quiz

  • Accuracy in durability, time management is obtained.
  • Moreover, this test improves your ability over marketing concepts.
  • One can rank themselves.
  • The increment of analyzing skills as well as the problem-solving nature.
  • Test guides you with the precise explanation for each question.

How To Check SAP HANA Online Test Results

Moreover, after taking this online test, every individual is responsible for knowing the result part. Also, the result part of the online test is mandatory to rank themselves. So wait a bit for the result so that you come to know where you are imperfect on the topic. You can see the result only after submitting the test. Without proper submission, no one can get the status too.

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