Virtusa Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers

Virtusa Interview Questions

Virtusa Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers | PDF Download – Those who are here to know details regarding the Virtusa Interview Questions for Freshers and also Virtusa Recruitment Process for Freshers can go through this article. Candidates by checking this article can know perfect information related to Virtusa Technical and HR Interview Questions, Virtusa Test Pattern, and what involves in the Virtusa Interview Process for Freshers. We know that many of the aspirants are feeling nervous regarding the Virtusa Selection Process and are searching relentlessly to know what sort of questions will be asked during Virtusa Technical and HR Interview. So, for that purpose, we have come up with this article that can help you with Virtusa HR Interview Questions for Freshers & know what topics/ subjects you need to cover for the Virtusa Technical Interview round. Further, for your consideration we have provided the Virtusa Interview Questions PDF document at the end of this post, you guys can download it and check the Interview Questions for Virtusa whenever you want.

Virtusa Interview Questions | Overview

Latest Interview Questions and Answers for Virtusa
Organization NameVirtusa
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Virtusa Recruitment Process for Freshers

Do you guys wish to get a job in Virtusa? then you need to what Virtusa Interview Process for Freshers will be like. First, you guys have to acknowledge that getting a job in Virtusa will not be a piece of cake, many candidates who have taken part in the Virtusa Recruitment Process have regarded it as one of the toughest job interviews they have ever faced. So, we hope you guys got the gist of it. Now, to familiarize yourselves with Virtusa Selection Process, check this section. Below is the common Virtuse Hiring Process that is followed on off-campus and on-campus. Firstly, check out the Virtusa Test Pattern and move on to the Virtusa Interview Questions for Freshers, Interview Questions and Answers for Virtusa do prepare yourselves for the Virtusa Interview Process.

  • Written Test/ Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • Group Discussion
  • HR Interview

Virtusa Test Pattern

In order to appear for the Vitusa Interview, initially, it is mandatory for everyone who has applied for any job profile to get shortlisted in the Round 1 Written/ Online Test. And to know what sections and how many questions or overall pattern of the Virtusa Online Test kindly go through the below table. Note that, sometimes the hiring team will include the aptitude section in the written exam when candidates apply for different job profiles. That is the Virtusa Written Test Pattern may get differed for certain job profiles.

Section NameNumber of QuestionsDuration
Java MCQs3280-120 mins
Coding 11
Coding 21
HTML, CSS, JavaScript4

Virtusa Technical Interview Round

The Virtusa Technical Interview round is the toughest round in the overall Virtusa Selection Process. Even the candidates who are well versed in their technical knowledge will fumble because of the stress. But the main thing is you guys need to be well prepared before and should have the ability to overcome the stress the interviewer may cause.  And in the Virtusa Technical Interview, you guys can expect questions from subjects like C++, JAVA, OOPS Concepts, DBMS/ SQL, Network, Software Engineering, etc. Hence, ensure you guys have in-depth knowledge related to your core subject.

Virtusa Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

Do look over the Virtusa Technical Questions that we have provided here for freshers to get an idea regarding what sort of questions will be asked at the time of the technical interview.

1. What is different in extend Thread class and implement a Runnable interface?

2. Difference between rowid and rownum in SQL?

3. Write an algorithm for quick sort?

4. What are near, far and huge pointers?

5. What are abstract classes and anonymous classes?

6. SDLC Model and its types.

7. Can you instantiate an abstract class and what is an inner class?

8. What is the use of StringTokenizer class?

9. How many words can be read by Cin?

10. What do you mean by data hiding?

11. When do you call copy constructor?

12. What is the use of super keyword inside a constructor?

13. Difference between checked and unchecked errors?

14. Explain the key functions of data binding.

15. Explain waterfall model?

16. Can a static member function access member variable of an object?

17. SDLC Model and its types.

18. How can you swap values between two rows in a table using single- SQL statement?

19. How can you insert values in multiple rows using one Insert statement?

20. What are TCP/IP protocols?

21. When should a function throw an exception?

22. Difference between Linked list and Queue?

23. What is the type of this pointer?

24. What is the use of ’classpath’ environment variable?

25. What are bitfields? What is the use of bit fields in a Structure declaration?

26. What is different in extend Thread class and implement a Runnable interface?

27. Difference between operator overloading and function overloading

28. What is the use of super keyword inside a constructor?

29. How is inheritance in C++ different from Java?

30. Differences between HashMap and HashTable in Java.

Virtusa Group Discussion Round

The Virtusa Group Discussion Round may not be the elimination round, candidates who have done fairly well in the Virtusa Technical Interview will be forwarded to the Group Discussion. In this round, the Virtusa Recruitment team will test the candidates regarding their communication skills, knowledge regarding a particular topic, leadership quality, way of communicating their perception or point. All these will be looked over by the organizer. So, before appearing for Virtusa Interview Process make sure you guys make yourselves aware of how you have to behave or tips you need to follow during group discussion.

Virtusa HR Interview Round

Virtusa HR Interview will be easy for the candidates who are able to communicate freely and have a strong personality, have problem-solving skills. In this round, the interviewer will test an individual to know whether they are the best fit for the position they are hiring for. On the basis of that, the interviewer will pose the questions for the candidates. The questions will range from personal to educational related, logical/ hypothetical questions can also be asked to test your emotional intelligence. Lastly, make sure you guys maintain your composure and confidence throughout the HR interview process.

Virtusa HR Interview Questions

The Virtusa HR Interview Questions that are given here are for your reference sake, so that you can have an idea of what you can expect during the Virtusa HR Interview.

1. Introduce yourself.

2. What are your strength and weakness?

3. Why do you want to join our company?

4. Describe your ideal company, location & job?

5. Are you willing to relocate or travel?

6. Why Should I hire you?

7. What are you expecting from the company?

8. How many hours in a week do you normally work?

9. Are you ready to handle a team under pressure?

10. What are the career options for you right now?

The Virtusa Technical and HR Interview Questions that are accommodated here will help you guys in preparing mentally for the Virtusa Interview Process. So, check out both the sets of Interview Questions for Virtusa and perform exceptionally well in the interview.

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