Best Books For APPSC Group 1 Exam (Prelims, Mains) Preparation

APPSC GROUP 1 Best Books

Best Books For APPSC Group 1 Exam (Prelims, Mains) Preparation: This article is described APPSC Group 1 reference books for Prelims & Mains in Telugu & English and some details about Group 1 test. Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission will conduct the Group 1 exam for all applied candidates to select perfect candidates who can fill roles. A candidate will undergo 3 levels in the selection process, Prelims, Mains, and Interview. APPSC Group 1 prelims exam will conduct for all applied candidates and screen for mains examination. Group 1 APPSC exam will conduct for recruiting civil servants for Andhra Pradesh State Administration. All the aspirants can crack prelims and mains exams with knowledge and daily preparation.

★★ Best Reference Books for All Competitive Exams ★★

The qualifying exam was an easy process with perfect reference books & focused preparation. Initially, for an exam, a candidate should know the syllabus and best books to start preparation. APPSC Group 1 Prelims will be in 2 papers with a total of 240 marks. Candidates who qualified in Prelims are eligible for the Mains exam. APPSC Group 1 Mains exam contains 5 papers with an extra English paper, which is not included in marks. Candidates had a choice to write APPSC Group 1 exams in Telugu or English mediums. In the below table the detailed concepts cover in Group 1 Mains 5 papers to get an overview of the mains exam.

Best Books for APPSC Group 1 Prelims Exam

  • NCERT Text Books
  • AP SCERT Text Books
  • R S Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude Book
  • M. Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity
  • CBSE Text Books on Disaster Management
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Good current affairs magazine
  • NIOS Textbooks on Environment

Best Reference Books for APPSC Group 1 Mains Exam

Reference books for APPSC Group 1 Mains Paper 1

Section I: History and Cultural Heritage of India with Emphasis on 20th Century History of India

  • Tarachand – A History of the Freedom Movement in India Vol. I & II.
  • Sumit Sarkar – Writing Social History.
  • Kenneth Jones – Social and Religious Reform Movement in India.
  • V.A. Narayan – Social Reforms in Modern India.
  • Romila Thapar – History of India – Vol. I & II.
  • R.S. Sharma – Material Culture and Social Formation in Ancient India.
  • A.L. Bashom – The Cultural History of India.
  • A.L. Srivastavan – History of India from 1000 to 1707.
  • S.R. Sharma – Mughul Rule in India.
  • J.L. Mehta – Advanced Studies in the History of Medieval India – Vol. I & II.
  • Dananjaya Keer – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Life History.
  • R.P.Tripathi & A.R. Desai – Social Background of Indian Nationalism.
  • Bipin Chandra – Essays in Contemporary India.
  • K.A. Nilakanta Sastry – A History of South India.
  • R.C. Majumdar – Raya Choudhari & Datta – Advanced History of India.
  • D.D. Kosambi – An Historical Outline of Indian Culture and History.
  • A.R. Desai – Social Background of Indian Nationalism.

Section II: Social and Cultural History of Andhra Pradesh

  • R.C. Majumdar – Raa Choudhari and Datta – Advanced History of India.
  • A.R. Desai – Social Background of Indian Nationalism.
  • K. Satyanarayana – A Study of History and Culture of Andhras Vol. I & II.
  • K. Balendu Sekharan – The Andhras through the Ages.
  • Bhandakar – Early History of the Deccan.
  • Gopala Chary – Early History of the Andhra Country.
  • K.A. Nilakanta Sastry – A History of South India.
  • B.V. Krishna Rao  – Early Dynasties of Andhra Desa.
  • D.C. Ganguly- Eastern Chalukyas.
  • B.S.L. Hanumantha Rao – Indian History and Culture – Vol. I & II
  • Suravaram Pratap Reddy – Andhrula Sanghika Charitra (Telugu).
  • D. Ramanuja Rao – Telangana Jateeyodhyamamulu (Telugu).
  • Y. Balarama Murthy – Andhrula Samkshipta Charitra (Telugu).
  • Veladurthy Manikya Rao – Hydserabadlo Swatantrodhyamamu (Telugu).
  • Madapati Hanumantha Rao –  Telangana Andhrodyamamu (Telugu) Vol. I & II.

Section III:

  • Ramesh K. Arora and Rajni Goyal, Indian Public Administration, Institution and Issues, Wishwa Prakashan, New Delhi, 2004.
  • Austin Graneille, Working Democratic Constitution: The Indian Experience, Oxford 1999.
  • Premalatha Sharma, Issues in Indian Administration, Mangaldeep Publications, Jaipur, 1998.
  • Aravind S. Indian Administration – Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi, 1992.
  • Ramesh K. Arora, Indian Administration: Perceptions and Perspectives, Aalekh Publications, 2000.
  • Basu, D.D.., An introduction to the Constitution of India, Prentice Hall, New Delhi, 2006.
  • Laxmikanth, Indian Polity, Tata Mc.Graw Hills, New Delhi, 2008.
  • Padma Ramachandran, Public Administration in India, National Book Trust, New Delhi, 1995.
  • General Studies Manual, Tata Mc.Graw Hills, New Delhi, 2008.
  • Kashyap Subhash, C. Our Constitution, NBT, New Delhi, 1994.
  • The Constitution of India, Government of India, 2006.
  • Gupta M.C.and Kamal N. KABRA. Public Administration in India. Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi, 1999.
  • Avasti and Avasti, Indian Administration, Lakshmi Narain Agarwal, Agra, 1998.

Reference books for APPSC Group 1 Mains Paper 2

  • Govt. of A.P.  Human Development Report 2007, A.P. CESS
  •  RSRao, Fifty Years of AP 1956-2006, CDR & Communication, 2006.
  • VH Rao, AP at Fifty, CDR & Communication, 1998.
  • Y.V. Krishna Rao & S Subrahmanyam (Eeds), Development of AP 1956-01 – A Study of Regional Disparities, NER Research Centre, Vishalandhra Publishers
  •  Dynamics of AP Economy vis-à-vis Indian Economy with Focus on Regional Disparities, NAD.
  • J.C. Dhingra,  Indian Economy: Environment & Policy, Sultan Chand, New Delhi by say Dutt & Sindaram, Mishra & Puri or Agarwal.
  •  CH Hanumantha Rao & Mahendra Dev(eds), AP Development, Economic Reforms & Challenges Ahead, CESS, 2004.

Reference books for APPSC Group 1 Mains Paper 3

Section I & III:

  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science, Gilbert M. Masters
  •  Environmental Studies – Manoj Tiwari, J.K. International publishing house Pvt. Ltd.
  •  Science & Technology of Nanomaterials-N. Balakrishna Rao, K. Krishna Reddy, Campus Book International
  • Science & Technology – 2007 – Hindu Publications.
  •  Text Book of Environmental Science & Technology -Dr. M. Anji Reddy Publication, B.S. Publications
  • Sustainable Development and Environment – A.K. De, N.C. Gupta Publication, Cosmo Publications

Section II: General awareness with the modern trends in life sciences

  • Microbiology – Panjarathinam
  • Essentials of Biology and Biotechnology – Bir Bhadine.
  • Immunology – Schaum’s outlines
  • Medical Microbiology – Anantanarayana
  • Industrial Microbiology – Presscott & Donn.
  • Elements of Biotechnology – P.K. Gupta; Rastogi .co
  • Introductory Botany – Ashok Bindre & P.C.Pande; Rastogi Publishing.
  •  Lecture note on Immunology by Gordon Reeves, Ian Todd, Blackweel Publishers
  • Textbook of Botany – A.C. Datta
  • Immunology – Kubay, Goldby, Kindy, Osborne
  • Immunology – Riott
  • Industrial Microbiology – L.E. Casida
  • Fermentation Technology by Stanbury & Whitaker, Butterworth – Heinemann

Reference books for APPSC Group 1 Mains Paper 4

Section 1: Data Interpretation and Problem Solving

  • Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics by S.C. Gupta and V.K. Kapoor – Sultan Chand & Sons.
  • Statistics – Elhance.
  • Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Panden – BSC Publication.
  • Statistical Methods by S.P. Gupta – Sultan Chand & Sons.
  •  Programmed Statistics (Questions – Answers) by B.L. Agarwal – New Age International Publishers.
  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal – S. Chand & Co.

We believe that the above-provided information for APPSC Group 1 Prelims and Mains reference books will help you to get succeeded in the exam and move to further levels. For other competitive and Government exam reference books refer our website