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Flipkart Interview Questions – Overview

Name Of The CompanyFlipkart
QualificationAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
Job LocationAcross India
CategoryQuestion & Answers for Interview

Flipkart Recruitment Process

To select the appropriate candidates in a suitable role, Flipkart follows a 4-stage selection process. Candidates were selected for the appropriate role based on their skills for the desired role. If it is direct recruitment, the 4-stage selection process consists of the Online test or Telephonic Interview. The below Flipkart Recruitment Process will be followed in case of the campus recruitment.

  • Online Round
  • Technical Round
  • HR/ Managerial Interview

Flipkart Online Test Pattern

The Flipkart Online Test will be hosted by the HackerRank, where are the candidates will be asked to answer 3 coding questions. In which, 2 are easy and 1 is hard. This round lasts for 60 minutes. Usually, questions will be asked on arrays, recursion, strings, trees, or graphs. Candidates who qualify for this round will be called for a technical interview round.

Flipkart Technical Interview Round

Candidates who have been selected in the Flipkart Online Round will proceed to Flipkart Technical Round. Whereas, overall 2 technical interviews will be conducted by the panel. The time duration for each technical interview is 20-50 minutes. Candidates who have been subjected to these technical rounds will be evaluated based on their technical knowledge and ability to work in a given role. This stage of selection can be also known as the ‘problem-solving round’. To face this round, candidates needed to have a keen knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and other programming languages, etc.

Flipkart Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

In order to know what type of questions that would be asked in the Flipkart Technical Interview, you can refer to this section. In this section, you will find some of the most commonly asked Flipkart Technical Interview Questions.

1. What are the different types of OS you are comfortable working with?

2. Given a string s containing 0’s and 1’s. You have to return a smallest positive integer C, such that the binary string can be cut into C pieces and each piece should be of the power of 5 with no leading zeros.

3. Given two sorted arrays arr1 and arr2 of size N and M respectively and an element K. The task is to find the element that would be at the k’th position of the final sorted array.

4. Given an input stream of A of n characters consisting only of lower case alphabets. The task is to find the first non repeating character, each time a character is inserted to the stream. If there is no such character then append ‘#’ to the answer.

5. Given a BST, find the number of ways in which we can insert numbers that will give same the same BST. For example; if a BST is 2 1(L) 3(R), then arrays that will give the same BST are 2 1 3 and 2 3 1.

6. Given n activities of unit time each and each activity has a profit and a deadline. Write an algorithm to schedule the activities to maximize the profit.

7. How do you code Producer-Consumer problem?

8. There is a requirement in Flipkart to show minimum price in the last 30 days. Here, which data structure should be used?

9. Given two binary search trees with n and n-1 nodes respectively with all elements same except one, find the odd node.

10. Given an array where each element signifies the number of cells which can be skipped, find the minimum number of steps taken to reach the last cell of the array. One has to start at index 0 and always move forward either by skipping cells by number given or by one.

11. A stream of integers is coming. As soon as an integer enters, print the earliest non repeating number.

12. Given a matrix with ‘X’ and ‘O’, change each ‘O’ to ‘#’ which are surrounded by ‘X’.

13. Print all triplets in an array such that their sum is zero and there should be no duplicate element in the triplet.

14. Check whether the given binary tree is a binary search tree. Discuss various approaches.

15. Which is the fastest method to sort an almost sorted array?

16. What is a hash table? Explain how hash function and buckets work.

17. In the given array of integers, find Pythagorean triplets.

18. Compute the nearest palindrome number of the given number.

19. Given a directed graph with V nodes and E edges. If there is an edge from u to v then u depends on v. Find out the sum of dependencies for every node. Duplicate edges should be counted as separate edges.

20. Tell us the difference between embedded systems and the system in which RTOS runs?
Can we have inline virtual functions in a class?

21. Why can’t arrays be passed by values to functions?

22. What Is A Memory Leak? What Is A Segmentation Fault?

23. Given two numbers p and q, find kth digit from right of p^q.

24. Given 1 GB memory space; write a pseudo code to print the maximum occurring string at any point of time where the size of the list of string can be of 10 GB and are updated dynamically.

Flipkart HR/ Managerial Interview Round

Flipkart HR/ Managerial Interview is the final phase of the Flipkart Selection Process. Whereas, in the Flipkart Hiring Manager round, the candidates will be asked on subject-related questions. Where it covers, algorithms, trees, graphs, and linked lists, projects you did, the technology you used, etc., Questions related to conceptual problems to OS will be also asked. Later on, the panel will check the traits of the candidates with respect to their personal values, career goals, strengths, weaknesses, work scenarios, etc., The key to get through this round is to be prepared for every question that is been asked in this round beforehand.

Flipkart HR Interview Questions for Freshers

In this section, we have arranged some of the commonly asked Flipkart HR/ Managerial Interview Questions along with their Answers. Do check the whole of this section and get to know what kind of questions that will be asked in the Flipkart HR & Managerial Round.

  1. Introduce yourself.

Though this is the most common question that will be asked by the interviewers in the panel, it carries much weight which in turn shows up your personality. Based on the response you give to this question, the interviewer will decide what to ask in the rest of the session. Make sure that you showcase and cover all your details like educational qualification, strengths, likes, dislikes, projects you did, your role in the project, etc.,

2. What qualities would you look for, if you were recruiting someone for this position?

To answer this question, you can go like, ‘to be the best fit for this job role, the candidate needs to have good communication skills, problem-solving skills, positive attitude, teamwork, goal-oriented, flexible, creativity, and integrity.’ This question is asked by the panel, to check whether you are having the same qualities that you have mentioned are not. However, from the outcome of all the questions that have been asked, make sure that you delivered/ showed all the traits that you mentioned.

3. Why do you want to join Flipkart?

While answering this question, mention how much desire you have to work with the company. Let the panel know that you will be faithful to the company for a longer period of time. Mention the esteem of the company. Through this question, interviewers will judge you and will know whether you will stay or leave the company after a period of time. As the Flipkart company needed the smartest of the lot, you can say like ‘I am glad if I take part my wellness with the company, and to be one among the smartest.’

4. Can you perform under pressure?

This question is asked by the panel to know whether you have the capability to work under pressure or not. Say it like. ‘Working under pressure is in turn for my good, because, it molds me to do the work effectively and efficiently. Also, I will complete the assigned task in the given time. However, in my point of view, too much work pressure will affect someone physically and mentally which is not at all good for oneself. Though at reasonable pressure, I will be comfortable and can be more productive.’

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

When you have been asked for this question, you were given a chance to show your inner abilities which tell how you face any situation or problem. While answering, you can mention any of the recently happened incidents where and which you have used your strength to overcome. Some of the strengths you can include here are, self-motivative, fast learner, positive attitude, honesty etc., And talking about your weaknesses, make sure that you positively deliver it.

6. How will you contribute to Flipkart?

Here, you can tell about all the required qualities that you have and convey how they could help for the wellness of the company. ‘As I am a good learner and have good knowledge related to the job profile. And moreover, I am self-motivated to complete the take within the given time, so with all these traits, I believe that I could give my best to the company for its good.’

7. What is the motivating factor for you at work?

As I am a quick learner and want to know the new things which are happening in and around. I would love to work for your organization as it is embedded with new technology and creativity. Because of my enthusiasm and curiosity toward technology and creativity, I drive myself to work more until I see the desired outcome from it.

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