Genpact Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers

Genpact Interview Questions

Genpact Interview Questions (Technical, HR) for Freshers – Greetings to you! Are you the one that is preparing for the Genpact Interview and wanted to know the details pertaining to Genpact Interview Questions? If your answer is yes, then you are in a right place. To get selected for the Genpact Company in the desired position, priorly, you were needed to know the Genpact Selection Process and Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers. In this regard, we are here providing you the Genpact Technical Interview Questions and Genpact HR Interview Questions on this article, which in turn will help you to prepare well for the Genpact Interview. Without any further delay, hit on the Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers PDF Download link which we have provided at the end of this article, and get to know what type of Genpact Technical/ HR Interview questions that are been asked and give a start for your preparation.

Genpact Interview Questions – Overview

Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers
Name Of The CompanyGenpact
QualificationAny Graduate/ Post Graduate
Job RoleMultiple
Job LocationAcross India
CategoryInterview Questions with Answers

Genpact Selection Process

To get selected for the Genpact Company, candidates were required to go through the Genpact Recruitment Process which is held by Genpact Hiring Team. Whereas, the Genpact Hiring Proces consists of 4 rounds which can be known from below mentioned bullets. Based on the performance in each round, worthful candidates will be selected and will be proceeded to the next rounds of selection. Thus, it can be noted that there will be an elimination in each round.

  • Written Exam
  • JAM/ Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Genpact Test Pattern

All the candidates who have applied for the Genpact Recruitment were needed to go through this round named Genpact Written Test. This is the first and foremost round. Candidates were tested in the areas like Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal. In each of the sections, there will be 15 questions that will be asked. The total number of questions asked in this round is 45. Once the candidates clear the written test, they will be subject to round 2 which is JAM/ Group Discussion.

SectionNo. of questions
Logical Reasoning15
Total45 Questions

Genpact Technical Interview Round

Candidates clearing round two of the Genpact selection process which is JAM/ Group Discussion will be forwarded to Genpact Technical Interview Round. This is also an elimination round. Candidates will be asked questions on the subjects related to academics. There might also be asked to write the code for the given program. Candidates having familiarity with C++, Java, Python, Data Structures, and others programming languages will be having the highest chances to clear this round. Candidates appearing for this round must keep in mind that whatever that is been delivered before the panel must be precise and authentic.

Genpact Technical Interview Questions for Freshers

Here you can get the most frequently asked technical interview questions that will be asked for freshers.

1. What are the different types of Real-Time Operating Systems?

2. What do you understand about Threads in Operating Systems?

3. What are the advantages of thread over processes?

4. Explain ‘this’ pointer and what would happen if a pointer is deleted twice?

5. Give differences between – new and malloc(), delete, and free()?

6. How many different levels of pointers are there?

7. List the few types of Operating Systems which you know about. Also, list some examples of Operating Systems.

8. Given a pointer to a linked list node, illustrate a method of deleting the same node.

9. What is the difference between a “copy constructor” and an “assignment operator”?

10. How are java objects passed to a method and what are native methods?

11. What do you understand about Multithreading in Operating Systems?

12. State some advantages and some disadvantages of User Level Threads.

13. State some benefits and drawbacks of Kernel Level Threads.

14. What is“Join” and explain its various types.

15. Give us a program to check for parenthesis matching using stack.

16. What do you mean by a“Composite primary key”?

17. Give differences between Quicksort &Mergesort. When should these sorts be used and what is their running time?

18. What are Database objects in Database Management Systems?

19. What is the difference between a Stack and a Queue?

20. What do you understand by Header Linked List?

21. What is the difference between “call by value” and “call by reference”?

22. Explain the Surrogate Key in DBMS.

23. Give us a program to reverse a Linked List.

24. How would you retrieve Unique rows from the table without using the UNIQUE and DISTINCT keywords?

25. State some benefits of using views in a Database Management System.

26. What do you understand about the concept of Data Warehousing?

27. State your understanding of Entity-Relationship (or the ER) model. Also, define the following terms: Entities, Entity Types, and Entity Sets in Database Management Systems.

28. What do you understand about the ACID properties in Database Management Systems?

29. Define the terms: Aggregation and Atomicity in Database Management Systems.

30. State the various levels of data abstraction in Database Management Systems.

31. What is meant by Proactive Updates, Retroactive Updates, and Simultaneous Update in Database Management Systems?

32. What is meant by Intension and Extension in Database Management Systems?

33. Define Index Hunting. What is it used for in Database Management Systems?

34. What are“class access modifiers”?

35. Give me any three differences between “Truncate” and “Delete”.

36. A problem based on Reasoning & Aptitude was asked to solve.

37. What is the difference between UNIQUE and DISTINCT keywords in DBMS?

38. How would you use Bubble Sort to sort the number of elements?

39. How would perform Pattern Matching in C++?

40. Explain these terms- Page Segmentation, Round Robin.

41. What do you understand by “access specifiers”?

42. What is an abstract class and when do you use it?

43. What do you understand about transactions in SQL? What are the properties of transactions in SQL?

44. Define Subqueries in SQL. Given a table of employees, write down a SQL query using subqueries to find all the employees with salaries greater than five thousand.

45. State a few benefits of using C ++ as a language.

46. Explain the array representation of a binary tree.

47. Can a function be forced to be inline? Also, give a comparison between “inline function” and the “C macro”?

48. How would you call C functions from C++ and vice versa?

49. Can a function argument have a default value?

50. What are cursors? Explain the different types of cursors Enlist a few disadvantages of cursors.

51. How would overload a function based on return type?

52. State the pros and cons of using Object-Oriented Programming Languages.

53. State your understanding of Pure Object-Oriented Programming Languages. Is Java one? If not, then why?

54. Explain the concept and two types of Data Independence.

Genpact HR Interview Round

Genpact HR Interview is the final round/ phase in the Genpact Recruitment Process. The purpose of this round is to determine whether the candidate will be suitable for the culture of the company or not. In order to ace the interview, the candidates were suggested to have known well about the Genpact Company. In general, to know the smartness of the candidates, questions on puzzles will be asked in this round. Before appearing this round, it is important to be well prepared to talk about yourself, your family background, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, and more.

Genpact HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Following are some of the HR questions that are most commonly asked in the Genpact HR Interview.

1. Express yourself?

2. How did you come to know about the vacancy?

3. Name at least three services extended by Genpact.

4. Can you handle work pressure?

5. Describe your major weakness.

6. Rate your computer and technological awareness on a scale of one to five.

7. Will you work with us if we do not offer you any salary?

8. How do you prioritize between several tasks?

9. How do you measure success?

10. Which is your favorite animal that you want to replicate?

11. What motivates you to work?

12. When we started our operations we were not a separate entity. Is this true?

13. Have you applied with our business competitors? If yes, name them too.

14. Are you willing to work in rotational shifts?

15. Will you be able to establish harmony with your colleagues?

16. What is your major strength?

17. Any challenging situation that you have faced and after which you felt a sense of accomplishment?

18. What is the one thing that you regret?

19. Give me brief information about yourself.

20. Do you wish to further pursue your studies?

21. Narrate an incident when you helped to resolve a conflict between others.

22. Tell me about your worst life experience and how did you handle it?

23. Solve this puzzle- A alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 5 days. A and B agreed to do the work for Rs. 2200. With the help of C, they completed the work in 4 days. How much is to be paid to C?

24. What was the toughest decision you have ever had taken?

25. How would a professor, who knows you very well, describe you?

26. Do you have what it takes to work under pressure? What makes you angry?

27. How much salary do you expect?

28. Suppose you are in a dark room and you have the following things- a candle, a wood stove and a gas lamp. Considering that you only have one match, what would you light first?

29. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

30. What is your weakness which you would like to improve?

31. Tell me an experience of yours wherein you were asked to do something which wasn’t as per your liking. How did you manage it?

32. If given a chance would you like to change your domain? If yes, why?

33. What do you expect from the organization?

34. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

35. Why do you want to work with Genpact?

36. What are the major challenges of the High Tech and Insurance industry?

37. List a few of your achievements. What are your weaknesses?

38. How would you deal with an angry customer?

39. What have you done to overcome your weaknesses?

40. Write a program to find duplicate numbers from an array in minimum time complexity.

41. Write a program to show polymorphism.

42. What are your traits that are in line with the company’s mission statement?

43. What do you know about Genpact?

Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers PDF

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