Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers (General 1 & General 2) For Freshers PDF Download

Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers (General 1 & General 2) with Explanation: Good News for the students, who are preparing for placement exams. Here in this page, we had given the sample Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers (2018, 2019 & 2020 Passed outs) in this post. Candidates who are much worried about good learning platform can refer to this page to increase your skills in towards the English language. Practice all the Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers along with Solutions, Explanation listed here. We assure that you can easily clear the exam very easily. The key point for any student is managing time. Therefore, we have arranged Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers according to the test pattern which helps to learn easily.

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Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers 2018, 2019 & 2020 Batches

Number of Questions in General 1 – 10 Questions
Number of Questions in General 2 – 20 Questions

TopicsQuestions asked( Approximately)
Synonyms2-7 Questions
Antonyms3-5 Questions
Fill in the Blanks2-4 Questions
Spotting Errors5-6 Questions
Substitution2-4 Questions
Identify the sentences3-5 Questions
Transformation1-3 Questions
Sentence Improvement3-5 Questions
Odd Words2-7 Questions
Joining Sentences2-5 Questions
Sentence Arrangement1-3 Questions
Tag Questions2-4 Questions
Idioms and Phrases3-8 Questions
Tenses3-5 Questions
Identify the errors5-8 Questions
Active and Passive Voices5-10 Questions
Plural Forms1-4 Questions
Spelling Test3-5 Questions

Candidates should cover all the topics involved in verbal section such as word analogy, reading comprehension, verification of truth statements, prefix, suffix, odd words, sentence correction, etc. Candidates should be very careful while preparing Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers along with Solutions because each and every topic is very important. Moreover, all the candidates who are willing to take the test can use this information and practice well.

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Tech Mahindra English Questions and Answers with Solutions, Explanation

Though students are very good in the technical section, they may not get the job, that is beacuse of poor English. In this corporate world, the English language is very important for survival. We are sure that by taking Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers from this page you will definitely increase your knowledge in verbal section. So, Kindly refer all the provided Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers along with the solution. You can download Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers in PDF format at the end of this article

Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers General – 1 Pattern

Directions (Q.1-5): In the questions given below, there is a sentence in which one part is given in bold. The part given in bold may or may not be grammatically correct. Choose the best alternative among the four given which can replace the part in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct

1. When India gained its independence and Gandhi gained martyrdom in 1947 and ’48, the country set an example that African and Asian leaders will follow to independence by the decadence that followed.

A. for the decades that followed
B. in the decades that preceded
C. as to the decades that were following
D. in the decades that followed

Answer – D. in the decades that followed

in the decades that followed- years which followed

2. It is testamentary to the unexpectedness of Theresa May’s call for a snap general election that even in the hour before the announcement when her office had indicated that the British Prime Minister would be speaking on the steps of Downing Street.

A. testament to the unexpectedness
B. testament in the congruously
C. testament upon the probability
D. testament for the inherent

Answer – A. testament to the unexpectedness

a testament to the unexpectedness – tribute/reward to the surprised

3. Since the benefits of globalization are diffusing between billions of people while its costs are concentrated on a smaller but organized group, such adjustments often end up validating populist, protectionist policies.

A. are diffused among startling
B. are diffused among billions
C. are impulse among many
D. are fortuitous among many

Answer – B. are diffused among billions

are diffused among billions – distributed among

4. It is important to reflect on how the medical profession —always held in respect in our society has come to such a sorry pass where health-care workers needing caring from the very people they are meant to take care of.

A. workers needing modification from
B. workers need unclad protection from
C. workers need protection from
D. workers need refining of

Answer – C. workers need protection from

workers need protection from – needs security

5. In South Africa, Gandhi became involved in efforts to end discrimination against the Indian minority there, who were customaries by both the British and by the Boers, descendants of the original Dutch settlers of the region.

A. natively expressed both by British
B. oppressed both by the British
C. innate by both the British
D. familiar destructed by both the British

Answer – B. oppressed both by the British

oppressed both by the British – exploited by British

Directions (Q. 6 – 8): Choose the Synonyms of the following words

6. Ostentation

A. Shudder
B. Pomp
C. Contrary
D. Adroitness

Answer – B. Pomp

Explanation: Ostentation – the pretentious or showy display of wealth and luxury, designed to impress.

7. Enliven

A. Cheer
B. Presented
C. Tremor
D. Tremble

Answer – A. Cheer

Explanation: Enliven – make something more entertaining, interesting, or appealing.

8. Obscene

A. Vagrant
B. Fidgety
C. Indecent
D. Dilapidation

Answer – C. Indecent

Explanation: Obscene – offensive or disgusting by accepted standards of morality and decency.

Direction (Q. 9 – 10): Choose the Antonyms of the following words

9. Despise

A. Admire
B. Adore
C. Resplendent
D. Stately

Answer – A. Admire

Explanation: Despise – feel contempt or a deep repugnance for.
Admire – regard with respect or warm approval.

10. Illicit

A. Sacred
B. Lawful
C. Applaud
D. Glorify

Answer – B. Lawful

Explanation: Illicit – forbidden by law, rules, or custom.
Lawful – conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules.

Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers General – 2 Pattern

Direction (Q. 1 – 10): Word Analogy, Find the exact pair according to the given pair

  1. Abrupt: gradual

A. Barren: Fertile
B. Reverse: Backward
C. Motion: Forward
D. Agile: Calm

Answer – A. Barren: Fertile

Explanation: the words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

2. Tocsin: Danger

A. Clarion: Battle
B. Knell: Death
C. Antitoxin: Cure
D. Augury: Warning

Answer – A. Clarion: Battle

Explanation: Tocsin is an alarm to indicate danger. similarity, Clarion is a trumpet which used to be blown to mark the beginning of a battle.

3. Choose: Discard

A. Sit: Stand
B. Draw: Push
C. Love: Adore
D. Walk: Run

Answer – B. Draw: Push

Explanation: The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

4. Facade: building

A. Dial: Watch
B. Neck: Bottle
C. Page: Book
D. Fence: Garden

Answer – A. Dial: Watch

Explanation: First one is the face or front view of the second.

5. Money: Transaction

A. Life: Death
B. Water: Drink
C. Ideas: Exchange
D. Language: Conversation

Answer – D. Language: Conversation

Explanation: Second one is the process of exchange of the first.

6. Story: Novel

A. Sea: Ocean
B. School: University
C. Book: Dictionary
D. Poetry: Drama

Answer – A. Sea: Ocean

Explanation: Second is a more voluminous form of the first.

7. Farce: Absurdity

A. Charity: Generosity
B. Tragedy: Comedy
C. Energy: Electricity
D. Disease: Medicine

Answer – A. Charity: Generosity

Explanation: The words in each pair are synonyms of each other.

8. Barrel: Vial

A. Brochure: Compiler
B. Length: Height
C. Book: Reader
D. Book: Pamphlet

Answer – D. Book: Pamphlet

Explanation: First is a bigger form of the second.

9. Prologue: Play

A. Epilogue: Curation
B. Intermezzo: Symphony
C. Overture: Opera
D. Chapter: Novel

Answer – C. Overture: Opera

Explanation: Prologue is a preliminary speech given at the beginning of a play. Similarly, the overture is an orchestral composition forming the introduction to an opera.

10. Jute: Sack

A. Wool: Sweater
B. Cotton: Fiber
C. Mill: Cloth
D. Shoe: Sock

Answer – A. Wool: Sweater

Explanation: First is used to make the second.

Directions (Q.11-15 ) In the following statements, there are two blank spaces. Find out one word that is to be fitted in both the statements I & II to make it meaningful

11. I. She was _____ and reserved, a nice modest girl whom any young man would be proud to take home to his mother.
II. James Wilder, _______ and courtly, but with some trace of that wild terror of the night before still lurking in his furtive eyes and in his twitching features.

A. demure
B. strong
C. infamous
D. strong

Answer – A. demure

Demure – modest and reserved in manner or behavior

12. I. It seemed really to the little maiden as though she were sitting before a large iron stove, with ______ brass feet and a brass ornament at top.
II. Some long shots _________ their chances, some favorites lost ground.

A. nauseated
B. burnish
C. tainted
D. spoiled

Answer – B. burnish

Burnished –make shiny by rubbing; polish

13. I. Diane tried to ______ her father into letting her drive the family car.
II. He stooped to the evil of hypocrisy with others, skeptical of their innocence which he could ______ so easily.

A. fusty
B. loathsome
C. irksome
D. cajole

Answer – D. cajole

Cajole- influence or urge by gentle urging or flattering

14. I. The critics _______ his pretentious dialogue and refused to consider his play seriously.
II. He storms and bullies and ______, but she stands up to him so ruthlessly that the Colonel has to ask her from time to time to be kinder to Higgins

A. moldy
B. baneful
C. deride
D. crumbling

Answer – C. deride

Deride- ridicule; make fun of; laugh at with contempt

15. I. If you go to the beach and get a sunburn, your complexion will look _______.
II. The decisive expression of her great _______ face satisfied her and she thought of some mothers she knew who could not get their daughters off their hands.

A. pernicious
B. deadly
C. florid
D. wile

Answer – C. florid

Florid- reddish; elaborately or excessively ornamented

Directions (Q. 16 – 20): Choose the Dissimilar words or Antonyms of the following words

16. Venerable is most dissimilar to

A. Impervious
B. Constant
C. Sophomoric
D. Infirm

Answer – C. Sophomoric

Explanation: Venerable means impressive by reason of age; Sophomoric
means poorly informed and immature

17. Rancor is most dissimilar to

A. Collect
B. Accord
C. Ritual
D. Argument

Answer – B. Accord

Explanation: Rancor means bitter ill-will; one meaning of accord is balanced
interrelationship, or harmony

18. Tractable is most dissimilar to

A. Stubborn
B. Unadvisable
C. Special
D. Invisible

Answer – A. Stubborn

Explanation: tractable means easily handled or managed; stubborn means
difficult to handle or manage

19. Dexterous is most dissimilar to

A. Clumsy
B. Saline
C. Cunning
D. Precious

Answer – A. Clumsy

Explanation: dexterous means skillful with the hands; clumsy means lacking
dexterity, nimbleness, or grace

20. Aerate is most dissimilar to

A. Placate
B. Suffocate
C. Destroy
D. Argue

Answer – B. Suffocate

Explanation: to aerate means to supply with oxygen; to suffocate means to
deprive of oxygen

Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability Questions and Answers in PDF format

Download Tech Mahindra General 1 English Questions and Answers

Download Tech Mahindra General 2 English Questions and Answers

This page is the exact page to learn especially for freshers. We hope job seekers got the required information from this post. Candidates can download Tech Mahindra (General 1 & General 2) Verbal Ability Questions and Answers in PDF format by clicking on the earlier provided link. Students can bookmark our page for more updates regarding placements on a regular basis. Thank You. All the Best for your Tech Mahindra exam.


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