IBPS SO English Questions and Answers (Prelims) PDF Download

IBPS SO English Questions and Answers

IBPS SO English Questions and Answers PDF Download (Prelims): Candidates who had applied for the IBPS SO vacancies, those candidates must check this page. On this page, we had provided IBPS SO English Questions and Answers to help you while preparing for the Prelims Examination. Aspirants can also take IBPS SO English Free Mock Test. The given IBPS SO English Mock Test Question and Answers, candidates easily score maximum marks and can select for the next process of selection.

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So all the aspirants must concentrate on the given IBPS SO English Online Test Question and Answers. Also, candidates must take IBPS SO English Quiz from the given questions. We have given the direct links to download the IBPS SO English Questions and Answers in the PDF format for free of cost. So, keep on practicing the provided IBPS SO English Questions and Answers to improve your skills.

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IBPS SO English Questions and Answers (Prelims)

Directions (Q. 1 – 5): Choose the word which is the opposite of the given words.

1. Pertinent

A. Irregular
B. Irreversible
C. Irrelevant
D. None of the above

Answer: Option C

2. Relinquish

A. Abdicate
B. Renounce
C. Possess
D. Deny

Answer: Option C

3. Irascible

A. Determined
B. Placid
C. Reasonable
D. Pliant

Answer: Option B

4. Meager

A. Kind
B. Generous
C. Thoughtful
D. Copious

Answer: Option D

5. Assuagement

A. Distress
B. Composure
C. Comfort
D. Disturbance

Answer: Option A

Directions (Q. 6 – 10): Choose the word which expresses the meaning of the given word.

6. Waif

A. soldier
B. surrender
C. urchin
D. breeze

Answer: Option C

7. Wary

A. Difficult
B. Normal
C. Cautious
D. Trustful

Answer: Option C

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8. Inscrutable

A. Difficult
B. Mysterious
C. Inflexible
D. Wary

Answer: Option B

9. Defer

A. Indifferent
B. Defy
C. Differ
D. Postpone

Answer: Option D

10. Salacity

A. Bliss
B. Depression
C. Indecency
D. Recession

Answer: Option C

Directions (Q. 11 – 15): In this type of verbal ability questions, an idiom or proverb is given with different meanings of it. You are required to choose the correct meaning of the proverb/idiom out of the given options.

11. As fit as a fiddle

A. to be very healthy and strong
B. to be very weak or fragile
C. a very difficult task
D. none of the above

Answer: Option A

12. In this competition, there is a complete fair play.

A. no cheating
B. good chances
C. honest means
D. good name

Answer: Option A

13. To have an axe to grind

A. A private end to serve
B. To fail to arouse interest
C. To have no result
D. To work for both sides

Answer: Option A

14. The saint’s life was an open book.

A. an uncomplicated one
B. one that held no secrets
C. an example to all
D. an interesting biography

Answer: Option B

15. A man of straw

A. A man of no substance
B. A very active person
C. A worthy fellow
D. An unreasonable person

Answer: Option A

Directions (Q. 16 – 18): Find the correctly spelt words

16. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given words?

A. Pronounciation
B. Pronunciation
C. Pronanciation
D. Pronunciatioan

Answer: Option B

17. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given words?

A. Inoculation
B. Innoculation
C. Inocculation
D. Inocullation

Answer: Option A

18. Which of the following spelling incorrect in the given words?

A. Pessenger
B. Passenger
C. Pasanger
D. Pesanger

Answer: Option B

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19. The _____ utilization of human resources can not only help in economic development but can also help in reducing the rate of unemployment.

a. drastic
b. effective
c. minimal
d. optimal
e. nominal
f. voracious

A. a and f
B. b and d
C. d and f
D. b and c
E. d and e

Answer: Option B

20. The bank readily accepted to provide him assistance in the form of _____.

a. subsidies
b. stakes
c. alimony
d. wherewithal
e. assets
f. sustenance

A. a and d
B. b and c
C. a and f
D. a and b

Answer: Option A

Directions (Q. 21 – 23): Arrange these parts in a proper sequence to form a meaningful sentence.

21. 1. a severe 2.hit 3.the city 4.hailstorm 5.yesterday evening

A. 42315
B. 14235
C. 34215
D. 32145

Answer: Option B

22. 1. seen 2. going 3. you 4. him 5. have

A. 35214
B. 35124
C. 35142
D. 32514

Answer: Option C

23. 1. do 2. today 3. you 4. must 5. it

A. 34152
B. 25413
C. 12543
D. 51324
E. 45213

Answer: Option A

Directions (Q. 24 – 26): Choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

24. A person of good understanding of knowledge and reasoning power

A. Expert
B. Intellectual
C. Snob
D. Literate

Answer: Option B

25. Animals feeding on plants

A. planktons
B. frugivorous
C. herbivorous
D. all of the above

Answer: Option C

26. One who lives among strangers.

A. Alien
B. Rustic
C. Stoic
D. Recluse

Answer: Option A

Directions (Q. 27 – 29): Choose which of the phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase to make the grammatically correct?

27. One of the most important PHENOMENON of our times is the development of computer science.

A. of all phenomenon
B. phenomenas
C. no improvement required
D. phenomena

Answer: Option D

28. The man TO WHO I SOLD my house was a cheat.

A. to whom I sell
B. to who I sell
C. who was sold to
D. to whom I sold
E. No correction required

Answer: Option D

29. They examined both the samples very carefully but failed to detect ANY DIFFERENCE IN them.

A. some difference in
B. some difference between
C. any difference between
D. any difference between
E. any difference between

Answer: Option C

Directions (Q. 30 – 31): A question has five sentences that are randomly arranged. You are required to rearrange them to make a logical paragraph and then answer the given question.

1. However, we all helped in the first few days.
2. Surajpur is a rural area.
3. Mohan was transferred to his office a few days back.
4. In the beginning, adjusting to city life was not easy for Mohan.
5. Now, Mohan enjoys the company of his colleagues.
6. Earlier, he was working in the Surajpur branch of our company.

30. Which of the following should be the fifth sentence in the paragraph?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Answer: Option A

31. Which sentence should come sixth in the paragraph?

1. A case in point is the program involving the Sardar Sarovar Dam which would displace about 2, 00, 000 people.
2. Critics decry the fact that a major development institution appears to absorb more capital than it distributes to borrowers.
3. For all its faults critics, however, concede that the bank remains a relatively efficient instrument for the distribution of development-aid money.
4. One of the key complaints focuses on this non-profit bank’s recent “profitability”
5. Although the lives of millions of people around the globe have been improved by the bank’s activities, it is now under fire.
6 The bank is also being blamed for large-scale involuntary resettlement to make way for dams and other construction projects.

A. 5
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1
E. 3

Answer: Option E

32. …………. The Himalayas provides protection to India against enemies.

A. no articles
B. A
C. An
D. The

Answer: Option D

33. …… Kangaroos are mostly found in Australia.

A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article

Answer: Option D

Directions (Q. 34 – 36): In each question, an incomplete statement (Stem) followed by fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully.

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34. He has no money now ……

A. although he was very poor once
B. as he has given up all his wealth
C. because he was very rich once
D. because he has received a huge donation
E. because he was very greedy about wealth

Answer: Option B

35. The employer appeared to be in such an affable mood that Rohit …..

A. decided to ask for a raise in his salary
B. was scared to talk to him about his leave
C. felt very guilty for his inadvertent slip
D. promised him that he would not commit mistake again

Answer: Option A

36. Owing to the acute power shortage, the people of our locality have decided to ……..

A. dispense with other non-conventional energy sources
B. resort to abundant use of electricity for illumination
C. off-switch the electrical appliance while not in use
D. explore other avenues for utilizing the excess power
E. resort to use of electricity only when it is inevitable

Answer: Option E

Directions (Q. 37 – 39): Choose the correct alternative.

37. The workers are HELL BENT AT GETTING what is due to them.

A. hell-bent on getting
B. hell-bent for getting
C. hell-bent upon getting
D. No improvement

Answer: Option C

38. HIS POWERFUL DESIRE brought about his downfall.

A.His intense desire
B.His desire for power
C.His fatal desire
D.No improvement

Answer: Option B

39. He killed the enemy by his sword.

A. by sword
B. by a sword
C. with his sword
D. none

Answer: Option C

40. The Sun …… at 6 am in the morning yesterday.

A. rose
B. rise
C. came
D comes

Answer: Option A

41. Fate smiles ……. those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.

A. with
B. over
C. on
D. round

Answer: Option C

Directions (42–46): The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given four words as answer choices you have to pick up incorrect pair in option, which will make the sentence meaningfully incomplete or wrong.

42. Mannering’s personal diary, a record of ____ preoccupations and domestic details, belies the depth of thought for which he was renowned in the academic world.

a. philosophical
b. mundane
c. petty
d. weighty

A. ab
B. bc
C. ad
D. bd
E. cd

Answer: Option C

43. Animal welfare charities have found that extensive advertising, especially over the Christmas period, can actually drive down the volume of donations as people who view images of maltreated pets more than a few times rapidly become ___ _.

a. inured
b. disgusted
c. hardened
d. overwrought

A. bd
B. bc
C. ad
D. ac
E. None fits

Answer: Option A

44. The study’s ____ conclusion is that during the first half of the 20th Century improved standards of personal hygiene reduced the risk of an individual’s contracting poliomyelitis, yet tended to make the disease more lethal to communities.

a. paradoxical
b. unwarranted
c. long-awaited
d. anomalous

A. ab
B. bc
C. bd
D. ad
E. All of them fits

Answer: Option B

45. The devotion to the syllabus and testing regime has become so extreme that most school students close their minds to anything ____ to the needs of the examination.

a. related
b. catering
c. extraneous
d. peripheral

A. ab
B. ac
C. ad
D. bc
E. cd

Answer: Option A

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46. The ____ tone of the biography is entirely unexpected since both the biographer in her previous works and her subject in all that he has written have valued levity over solemnity.

a. lugubrious
b. jocose
c. ironic
d. melancholy

A. bd
B. ac
C. bc
D. ab
E. cd

Answer: Option C

Directions (47-50): In the following question six sentences are given, the first sentence is fixed and the remaining sentences are required to rearrange to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the following questions.

1. One lakh rupees invested in bitcoin in 2010 would be worth a few hundred crore rupees today.
2. In 2017 alone, bitcoin price has increased by over 1000%. In fact, all it took for the currency to reach $11,000 after breaching the $10,000 mark was a single day.
3. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum too have shown equally impressive gains and falls, particularly over the last year.
4. That is the kind of extraordinary return the digital currency has given investors as its price has witnessed a meteoric rise, from just a few cents in 2010 to hit a lifetime high of over $11,000 last week.
5. Enthusiasts argue that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are rapidly transforming into mainstream money that will offer serious competition to national currencies issued by central banks.
6. True to its nature, however, soon after hitting $11,000, bitcoin witnessed a sharp drop of 20% before recovering some of its losses to close the day almost flat.

47. Which of the following is the SIXTH sentence after rearrangement?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Answer: Option E

48. Which of the following is the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?

A. 2
B. 1
C. 4
D. 6
E. 5

Answer: Option C

49. Which of the following is the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 6

Answer: Option E

50. Which of the following is the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 6

Answer: Option C

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