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Probability Quiz

Probability Quiz Online Test: Now, follow this article, and you will get the answer to most of the questions like Probability Aptitude TricksProbability Aptitude Questions and Answers PDFProbability Exam Questions and Answers, Probability Questions and Answers, Hard Probability Questions, Probability Problems for Aptitude with Solutions, Probability Aptitude Formulas, etc..,. Now, the Test we are providing is completely free. So, all the aspirants who want to brace and get a good score in this area can work hard with the help we are providing on this page. Now, along with the Questions we are also providing the Answers too. This is going to reduce hell lot of search time for the aspirants. Well, in that they can concentrate more on getting the Concept. Amazing right? Yes, our team has done some thorough research and provided the Questions for the practical purpose. So, use the help provided on this page.

Probability Quiz

Quiz Name Probability
Category Aptitude
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Probability Online Test – Practice Now

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1. Sam and Joan are playing a tennis match. If the probability of Sam's win is 0.59, then find the probability of Joan's win.

2. Let A and B be events on the same sample space, with P (A) = 0.6 and P (B) = 0.7. Can these two events be disjoint?

3. A family has two children. find the probability that both the children are girls given that at least one of them is a girl?

4. In a lottery, there are 10 prizes and 25 blanks. A lottery is drawn at random. What is the probability of getting a prize?

5. Determine the probability that a digit chosen at random from the digits 1, 2, 3, …12 will be odd.


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Probability Aptitude Questions and Answers

Are you practicing the Probability Topic for a while now? Yet not able to ace the topics? then here is the quick tip for you. Well, first focus on the Formulas. And then proceed to check the Question. Analyze it. Then apply the appropriate formula to it. You are good to get it. Now, the real trick is to memorize the Formula. So, check them. We might hear from the candidates who are preparing for the Exams like the SSC, UPSC, PSC, Banks, Police, Railways, IT Companies, Competetive Exams, Entrance tests that they are facing a lot of troubles while solving the Probability section. Now, to give the answer to all such aspirants, here we are providing a helpful source. Check it out and use it.

Probability Quiz Questions

Along with the Question here in this quiz, you will also find the necessary help to get the Explanation too. So, check it out. Therefore, you will get the correct concept. Now, another added benefit here is that you can take the Quiz as many times as you can to do so. Therefore, practice well, until you get the real concept. Now, along with that, the contenders should also know the formulas too. Then only they will get to know where to use the correct one. So, please keep this in mind and then proceed. Now, here we are giving the quiz in the form of the multiple Choice questions.

So, our team from the hope that the contenders are happy with the probability quiz provided on this page. For, more such useful updates and notifications, check our site at regular intervals. Also, on our site, you can find more other topics in the Aptitude section too. Therefore, check them also. And apart from that comment and ask us if you want to get the details about any other Aptitude related topic. We will get them for you. Until then practice well !!

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