Ratio and Proportion Quiz Online Test – Aptitude Questions and Answers

Ratio and Proportion Quiz

The current article is very helpful for the candidates who are about to take the Ratio and Proportion Online Test. Well, everyone knows that the Ratios are used to compare the values. By checking this post, you can easily learn about the Ratio and Proportion Concepts and Ratio and Proportion Formulas. As per the latest news, a huge number of candidates are preparing for various competitive examinations and Entrance Exams. And all the preparing people are saying that there are poor in Ratio and Proportion. Moreover, to help the competitors, here we have arranged the Ratio and Proportion Quiz. Therefore, those who are interested in checking the Aptitude Questions and Answers can go through this article and clearly check the Ratio and Proportion Problems and Solutions.

Ratio and Proportion Quiz Details

Quiz Name Ratio and Proportion
Category Aptitude
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Ratio and Proportion Quiz Online Test – Practice Now

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1. A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio 4 : 3. If 5 liters of water is added to the mixture, the ratio becomes 4: 5. Find the quantity of alcohol in the given mixture.

2. A bag contains 50 P, 25 P and 10 P coins in the ratio 5: 9: 4, amounting to Rs. 206. Find the number of coins of each type respectively.

3. Find the third proportional to 9 and 12?

4. In a certain room, there are 28 women and 21 men. What is the ratio of men to women? What is the ratio of women to the total number of people?

5. In a bag, there are a certain number of toy-blocks with alphabets A, B, C and D written on them. The ratio of blocks A:B:C:D is in the ratio 4:7:3:1. If the number of ‘A’ blocks is 50 more than the number of ‘C’ blocks, what is the number of ‘B’ blocks?


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Ratio and Proportion Aptitude Questions and Answers

Well, in this section, candidates can learn about the Ratio and Proportion Aptitude Questions and Answers. The major reason to create this article is solving the Ratio and Proportion Problems are very much difficult. Moreover, we recommend the people that you have to learn some of the tricks to solve Ratio and Proportion. At the time of taking the Aptitude Test, a vast number of candidates are didn’t answering the questions from Ratio and Proportion. In that process, there are totally disqualifying in the selection rounds. Therefore, to avoid that problem, you have to preplan before going to attend for any rounds. We hope that by checking and taking the Online Test, aspirants can quickly improve their solving skills. Moreover, we all know that nowadays many of the organizations are conducting the various examinations for the candidates to give admissions and jobs in various sectors.

Waiting to take the Ratio and Proportion Online Test? Then you are at the exact place. So, without late start the Ratio and Proportion Quiz and check your luck. The Ratio and Proportion Important Formulas are also available in the below section. Meanwhile, everyone knows that clearing the Ratio and Proportion Questions are very tough one. Moreover, we are here to boost up the confidence level of candidates. Therefore, try to attempt all the Question first. Also, after completion of the test, you have to check the Answers too. Moreover, to help the candidates, we have given an overall explanation for each question. So, without delay, candidates have to solve all the questions within 30 Minutes. In Addition to this, below, you can get the formulas in a detailed manner. Moreover, check the above given table carefully and grab the important details. Therefore, gently check the below sections.

Ratio and Proportion Formulas

Moreover, candidates can check the below-given simple formulas

  • The duplicate ratio of (a : b) is (a² : b²)
  • Sub-duplicate ratio of (a : b) is (a : b)
  • Triplicate ratio of (a : b) is (a³ : b³)

Therefore, we suggest the candidates, to take retake the Ratio and Proportion Online Test. To get the daily updates on Quiz you have to bookmark our website Freshers Now. Moreover, we insist the candidates, to take a look at our website at regular intervals.

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