Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers For Freshers PDF Download

Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Amdocs Verbal Ability/ English Questions and Answers with Solutions, Explanation: Through this page, you can easily get the Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers with Solutions. There will be 18 Questions in the English section for which 16 minutes of time will be given. Make a note that these are Model Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers which are previously asked in the English section of the Amdocs Placement Test. For the sake of all the candidates, we have clearly given free access to the Amdocs English Questions and Answers in PDF format to the end of our freshers now page. Go ahead and then get all the Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers with Explanation in detail.

Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Number of Questions: 18 Questions
Time Duration: 16 Mins 

Topics Questions Asked (Approximately)
Synonyms 2-6 Questions
Antonyms 3-5 Questions
Fill in the Blanks 2-3 Questions
Spotting Errors 3-4 Questions
Substitution 1-3 Questions
Identify the sentences 3-5 Questions
Transformation 1-3 Questions
Sentence Improvement 3-5 Questions
Odd Words 2-3 Questions

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Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers PDF

Directions (Q. 1 – 6): Choose the Synonyms of the following words

1. Irrepressible

A. Languid
B. Dictate
C. Irresistible
D. Acclaim

Answer – C. Irresistible

Irresistible – too attractive and tempting to be resisted

2. Immerse

A. Senile
B. Drown
C. Evident
D. Venerate

Answer – B. Drown

Immerse – dip or submerge in a liquid.

3. Aversion

A. Affection
B. Reliable
C. Apathy
D. Servile

Answer – C. Apathy

Apathy is the best choice for aversion which means a strong dislike or disinclination.

4. Impartial

A. Biased
B. Distant
C. Unjust
D. Equitable

Answer – D. Equitable

Equitable – fair and impartial.

5. Collision

A. Dissent
B. Pileup
C. Provision
D. Intent

Answer – B. Pileup

Pileup is the best choice for collision which means a crash involving several vehicles.

6. Puerile

A. Farsighted
B. Shallow
C. Abridge
D. Meager

Answer – B. Shallow

Shallow is the best choice for puerile which means of little depth.

Directions (Q. 7 – 10): Choose the Antonyms of the following words

7. Gumption

A. Apathy
B. Levity
C. Despair
D. Seriousness

Answer – A. Apathy

Gumption means initiative or drive
Apathy – lack of interest or enthusiasm

8. Precise

A. Inelegant
B. Vague
C. Assertive
D. Cocksure

Answer – B. Vague

Precise – marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
Vague – of uncertain or indefinite

9. Curtail

A. Perpetuate
B. Protract
C. Convinced
D. Resume

Answer – D. Resume

Curtail – reduce in extent or quantity
Resume – continue after a pause or interruption.

10. Commence

A. Wither
B. Perplexing
C. Conclude
D. Dilate

Answer – C. Conclude

Commence – begin
conclude – come to an end.

Directions (Q. 11 – 13): Word Analogy. Choose the correct pair, which suits by analyzing a given pair 

11. Proscenium: Stage

A. Portico: House
B. Compass: Needle
C. Lamp: Table
D. Linen: Bed

Answer – A. Portico: House

First is a part of the second.

12. Doctor: Hospital

A. Plumber: Wrench
B. Farmer: Village
C. Chef: Kitchen
D. Water: Reservoir

Answer – C. Chef: Kitchen

Second is the working of place.

13. Depressed: Sad

A. Neat: Considerate
B. Towering: Cringing
C. Rapid: Plodding
D. Exhausted: Tired

Answer – D. Exhausted: Tired

Depressed is an intensification of sad; exhausted is an intensification of tired.

Directions (Q. 14 – 15): Choose the correct option which gives the same meaning of a given phrase.

14. To get cold feet

A. Narrowly
B. To be afraid
C. To have a slight encounter
D. To try hard

Answer – B. To be afraid

15. To be at daggers drawn

A. Prejudice
B. To find fault with
C. To be the bitter enemy
D. To revive a quarrel which was almost forgotten

Answer – C. To be the bitter enemy

Directions (Q. 16 – 18): Fill in the blanks. Choose the option, which gives the meaningful sentence

16. She___________ a square of chocolate and gave it to her dog.

A. broke off
B. break up
C. break away
D. break out

Answer – D. break out

17. The librarian is ___________about my overdue books.

A. chase up
B. chip away at
C. chill out
D. chew up

Answer – A. chase up

18. The government is ___________ test on growing genetically modified crops.

A. carry on with
B. carry through
C. carry out
D. carve out

Answer – C. carry out

Amdocs Verbal Ability Questions and Answers in PDF

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