Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience (Latest)

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience (Latest): Want to know the Wipro Elite NTH Latest Interview Experiences? Then have a look at the overall article. For the sake of the candidates, who are preparing themselves to crack the Wipro Elite NTH 2022, we have accommodated this page with the Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience. In turn, this article will help the candidates to know the toughness level and the type of questions that will be asked in Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2.0 (NTH). By going through this page intently, you will get to know the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt Interview Experience which was taken from a few of the selected candidates in various roles in Wipro Company. Knowing the Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience 2022 will help you gain the hidden knowledge and build inner confidence from within so that to face Wipro Elite NTH 2022. Hence, if you find the particulars in here with respect to Wipro Elite NTH Interview Review useful, we ask you to be in touch with us for further updates.

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Wipro Elite NTH – Overview

Name Of The CompanyWipro
Event NameElite National Talent Hunt 2.0 (NTH)
QualificationB.E./ B. Tech. (Compulsory Degree)/ ME / MTech – 5 Year Integrated courses
Job RoleProject Engineer
CategoryInterview Experience

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience

Here we have shared some of the experiences of the aspirants who have been selected in Wipro Elite NTH. Have your gaze till to the end of this article and get to know the difficulty level and the questions that have been asked for various candidates.

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience #1

Status: Selected as System Engineer (Elite role)

Round 1: Online test in the AMCAT platform. The test consists of the sections like quants, verbal, logical, and essay writing. It was an adaptive test, and there is no negative marking.

  • In Quants sections, 16 questions were asked and the time limit is 16 minutes
  • In the Logical section, 25 questions were asked and the time limit is 35 minutes
  • Essay writing, one essay to be written in 25 minutes (use less number of backspaces)

Round 2: Technical Interview

Below are the questions that are asked in the Technical Interview Round. This round has lasted for 20 minutes.

1. Write a code for bubble sort

2. Write a code to reverse a sequence of digits

3. What are flip flops?

4. Difference between SR and JK flip flop?

5. What are the edge and level triggers?

6. What are multiplexers?

7. What are latches?

8. What is the concept of your final year project?

Round 3: HR Interview

HR Interview has lasted for 20 minutes. Questions that were asked in this round are:

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Tell me about your family details

3. Tell me about your educational details

4. Explain your project

5. Willing to relocate to Chennai?

6. Comfortable with shifts?

7. Which programming languages are you comfortable with?

8. How much will you rate yourself out of 10 in c coding?

9. Are you willing to learn Java, Python?

10. Which recent digital technologies do you know? Brief about it (I briefed about IoT, AI, ML)

11. Any questions?

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience #2

Status: Selected

Difficulty Level: Medium

Round 1: Aptitude+ Coding+ Essay Round

  • In the first round, there are 3 parts in Aptitude which are Quants (easy to moderate level), Reasoning (Easy), English (Easy)
  • The next part is coding which involves 2 questions to be solved in an hour, The First question was conditional based and the second question was also easy that was based on string. I was able to solve both codes in 25 minutes
  • Next in the line was an essay writing part in which they will ask you to write an essay on an assigned topic. After you clear this round they will mail you regarding your status first, after a few days they will schedule a Business Discussion Round which is a confluence of both Technical and HR

Round 2: Business Discussion Round (Technical and HR)

Questions that were covered in this round are:

1. Introduction yourself

2. Tell me about your Final year project

3. Hobbies and family background

4. Strength and Weakness

5. Which is the best moment of your life?

6. Which is your mentor?

7. Where do you want to see yourself after three years?

After these questions, the interviewer moved on to some HR discussions such as,

  • Bond at Wipro
  • Night Shifts
  • Relocation

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience #3

Status: Selected

Round 1: Online Assessment

Here is the difficulty level of each section:

  • Verbal (very easy), logical (easy),  quant (medium difficulty and lengthy calculation time taking), coding (2 questions 1 easy pattern base or HCF 2nd was difficult generally on strings.)

Round 2: Technical Interview

Sure and true about your resume, prepare one or two academic subjects like OS, NETWORK, DATABASE, DATA STRUCTURES, OOPs

Questions that were asked in Wipro Technical Interview are:

  1. What is method overloading and overriding?
  2. How to perform insertion and deletion in the linked list.
  3. What is a binary search tree?
  4. What is deadlock?

Round 3: HR Interview

  • Questions that are covered in this round are related to the company, its CEO, founder, revenue, achievements
  • More questions like What’s unique about yourself? weakness and strength, why should we hire you? why do you want to join our company?

Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience #4

Status: Selected

The Interviewer was concentrated on my level of coding and essay writing, confidence, and my way of explanation.

Questions that were asked in the interview are:

  1. Why did you choose lbrce college?
  2. Coding on matrix and string
  3. Question on c and c++

Believing that this article has helped you to know some of the Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experiences of the recently selected candidates in the Wipro company. Stay in touch with us @ freshersnow.com and get instant updates we made on our site on Wipro Elite NTH.

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