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Assertion and Reason

Hi, everyone are you passionate about knowing on Assertion and Reason? Concept. Then it is a right path to go and give a quick look at this page it will provide you with the bright idea of the Concept of Assertion and Reason Quiz. By reading this article, it improves your reading skills and also you will feel much better before reading this page, and after reading this page, it would be useful while attending any Interviews or Competitive Exams or else any Entrance Exams. Moreover, the aspirants get a bright idea of the concept Assertion and Reason Quiz Questions. And the candidates who are scared while writing this Assertion and Reasoning Quiz. Don’t be afraid because we are here to help you in the way of providing Assertion and Reason Quiz Questions and Answers. And therefore we also offered the Assertion and Reason Quiz Questions and Answers for to score better results in the Quiz and also to know more information about Assertion and Reason Quiz.

Assertion and Reason Reasoning Quiz Details

Quiz NameAssertion and Reason
Number of Questions22
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Assertion and Reason Quiz Online Test – Practice Now

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1. Assertion (A): I came late today.
Reason (R): It was raining.

2. Assertion (A): Pakistan's national cricket team did not participate in the tournament.
Reason (R): Pakistan does not have enough cricket players.

3. Assertion (A): When lightning strikes, the sound is heard a little after the flash is seen.
Reason (R): The velocity of light is greater than that of the sound.

4. Assertion (A) : Bangladesh imports jute from India.
Reason (R) : Bangladesh has most of the jute mills.

5. Assertion (A): Sprouting shouldn’t be done before consuming the grains.
Reason (R): Sprouting kills many vital vitamins.


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Benefits By Practicing This Assertion and Reason Quiz

  • Careful while in the answering the Assertion and Reason Quiz and it will increase your skills in solving the Reasoning topics.
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Results Of Assertion and Reason Reasoning Quiz

  • Here the participants can get their results according to the right answers, and then the marks will be awarded.
  • As based on your Results you can give own score to yourself.
  • By this, the aspirants can be gained good knowledge within less time. Moreover in the home only we can prepare our own.
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