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Logical Deduction

Dear readers, come and learn Logical Deduction. Our team provided Logical Deduction Quiz that makes you know in-depth details about the content. Aspirants while attempting for any competitive exams like Bank PO’s, SSC, SSC CGL, and even government exams as well. To face the Logical Deduction Questions quickly, we have given you the critical content below. So, no need to worry about your reviews. Here you can read the complete article for better knowledge. We guide you to improve your experience by giving you appropriate explanations. For attempting tricky questions asked in your exams, you should thoroughly know the concept.

Logical Deduction Reasoning Quiz Details

Quiz Name Logical Deduction
Category Reasoning
Number of Questions 16
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Logical Deduction Quiz Online Test – Practise Now

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1. Statements: All bags are cakes. All lamps are cakes.

Conclusions:Some lamps are bags.
No lamp is bag.

2. Statements: Raman is always successful. No fool is always successful.

I. Raman is a fool.
II. Raman is not a fool.

3. Statements:

1. All fans are watches.
2. Some watches are black.


1. All watches are fans.
2. Some fans are black.

4. Should a total ban be put on traping wild animals?


1. Yes. Trappers are making a lot of money
2. No. Bans on hunting and trapping are not effective

5. Statements
Some keyboards are Mouse. Some Mouse are radios.

I. Some keyboards are radios.
II. Some radios are keyboards
III. All radios are Mouse.
IV. All Mouse are keyboards.


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Moreover, the below given Logical Deduction Questions are the best and most commonly collected question need to answer logically. Furthermore, to attempt any of the competitive exams, there will be Reasoning concept for sure. So, you should be bold enough for Logical Deduction Reasoning Questions. By the way, we provided you the tips and tricks to overcome your difficulties. Meanwhile, have a look at the concept and then prepare for the exam. Candidates have to make on their own and feel like they don’t know how to solve those tricky questions even. So, for those people, this post will be handy and can practice Logical Deduction Questions and Answers as much as aspirants can.

About Logical Deduction Reasoning Questions

Derivation of the conclusion from the given set of statements or conditions is the central theme in Logical Deductions also known as Syllogisms. Generally, Logical Deduction includes a condition within a statement that states an event depends on the other. Learning this concept also improves your logical ability. The comments given here are not dependent on the occurrence of the other. The process involved in the content are:

  • Immediate Deductive Inference – here the conclusion is given based on conversion, obversion, and contraposition.
  • Mediate Deductive Inference – here the conclusion obtained by three terms; major, minor and the middle term.

As you can learn by the completion of the post, there will be four statements given, by those you need to conclude the final statement to reach the problem, by using the above. We also provide you the complicated issues even to overcome the difficulties. Candidates can then maintain the reference and then answer the question confidently. Moreover, the conclusion for the site contains “If one statement then the other,” “One statement follows the other,” “Both are necessary to conclude.”

Benefits of practicing Logical Deduction Reasoning Quiz

  • Perfectness in answering the question increases.
  • Enhancement of solving capacity.
  • Everyone can understand the concept, provided summary of the topic above.
  • Within, fewer time candidates can gain knowledge.

Results of Logical Deduction Reasoning Quiz

  • At the end of the exam, the quick explanation is provided for the question.
  • As a result, you will be bold enough to solve the questions.
  • Moreover, you can better provide your conclusion over any content.

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