Statements and Assumptions Quiz – Reasoning Questions and Answers

Statements and Assumptions

Not aware of Statements and Assumptions? Here you go through the content of the article. The following post provides you the Statements and Assumptions Quiz. This quiz is handy for the candidates, who are eagerly waiting to face the competitive exams. It contains Statements and Assumptions Questions which are equivalent to the questions in the competitive exams. By spending a short time with us, you people can comfortably crack the exam. Correspondingly, this also provides the Statements and Assumptions Questions and Answers to aspirants to redress the mistakes. Moreover, the answers provided in this post are apt and have the clear explanation.

Statements And Assumptions Reasoning Quiz Details

Quiz Name Statements and Assumptions
Category Reasoning
Number of Questions 24
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Statements and Assumptions Quiz Online Test – Practice Now

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1. Statement : Savita made an application to the bank for a loan of Rs 180000 by mortgaging his house to the bank and promised to repay it in 5 years.

I. The bank has a practice of granting loans for Rs. 100000 and above.
II. The bank accepts house as collateral security against such loans.

2. Statement: Sachin wrote to his brother at Bangalore to collect personally the application form the University for the Post-graduation Course in Mathematics.

1. The University may issue application forms to a person other than the prospective student.
2. Sachin's brother may receive the letter well before the last date of collecting application forms.

3. Statement: Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.
There are unemployed youth in India who needs monetary support.
The government has sufficient funds to provide allowance to all unemployed youth.

4. Statement: Anger is energy, in a more proactive way and how to channellise it is in itself a skill.

Assumptions: I. Anger need to be channelized.
II. Only skilful people can channellise anger to energy.

5. Statement: The education of a student at collegiate level, not taking into account maintenance expenses, costs four hundred rupees a year. Collegiate education is thus
drawing heavily upon the national resources of an impoverished community. So college education should be restricted to a brilliant few.

I. Our resources are very limited.
II. Only a few students should be admitted to the colleges.


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Statements and Assumptions Reasoning Questions is the crucial concept in every competitive exam. These appear in various competitive exams like IBPS, SBI-PO, RBI, MBA, MAT, CAT. Our site helps you out to crack these exams. The quiz contains 25 questions. The time allocated for the examination is 30 minutes. Candidates should submit results before the time. Moreover, we provide not only the quiz but also each concept.

About Statements And Assumptions Reasoning Questions

The statement is the sentence is stated, and Assumption is assumed or to be supposed to take a grant from the report. Statements and Assumptions are the critical part of the reasoning. Statements and Assumptions involve in the decision making. These are an essential part of the thinking. This question contains the Statements. Assumptions follow assumptions. These are the questions that either make us or break us. They make us because they don’t require any calculations and chart representations to answer. They need to have proper decision making.

The assumption comes from practicing and mastering them. Breaking us because of candidates without adequate practice cannot attempt this. Aspirants feel tensed about this section, and they do not go through it. Without proper training, there are higher chances of getting wrong. By the way, ill provide you the answer to why these questions go wrong. Answering the questions should be done on authors side, not in our opinion.
Negating Method is the optimized method for solving the Statements and Assumptions.
Example: Statement: ‘Picture will start at 5 pm. ‘You are requested to take your Tickets before 4 pm.
Assumptions: I. The picture will start as scheduled.
II. If a Customer is not in his seat before 6 pm, the Picture will not start.
The answer is 1st statement is sufficient to answer.

Benefits of practicing Statements and Assumptions Reasoning Quiz

  • Candidates can easily crack their examinations by going through this quiz.
  • Time Management is an essential factor for competitive exams. Time Management is learned.
  • Aspirants can improve their Knowlege in these concepts.

Results of Statements and Assumptions Reasoning Quiz

  • Among the fewer time, candidates can become robust in the concept.
  • By the results obtained in this quiz, candidates can easily crack the examinations.
  • This site provides you the accurate results and marks get displayed after completion of the exam.
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