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Banking Awareness Quiz

Banking Awareness Quiz: In this generation, everything is going on money because of that banking is spread all over the world. Due to this, the individual should possess certain knowledge of banking which is useful for them throughout their life. And this knowledge can be provided by “Banking Awareness Quiz”.So, make a step forward to take the Banking Awareness Online Test from this page. Also, get the best Banking Awareness GK Questions And Answers.

Banking Awareness Quiz Details

Banking Awareness quiz consists of 25 questions which he/she should answer. The time given to complete the quiz is 30 minutes that means the individual should complete the whole quiz on or before the time allotted. The type of this quiz is MCQ i.e., Multiple Choice Question.

Quiz NameBanking Awareness
Number of Questions20
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Banking Awareness Questions and Answers


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1. Uttar Pradesh Finance Minister Rajesh Aggarwal has presented a mega budget of over __________________ with a focus on farmers, artisans, youth, infrastructure and
urban development.

2. "Father of Indian Missile Science" is ______

3. In April 1980, ____ banks were nationalized in India?

4. In which year was the Bank of Maharashtra established?

5. In Banking terminology, NPA means

6. Commercial arm of ISRO is ______

7. Which are the following rates are decided by the RBI is called "Policy Rate"?

8. 'kfw' group released another instalment of its financial aid to India.'kfw' is an organisation/bank base in;

9. Which bank beat SBI and become the second most valued bank in the country?

10. RBI slaps Rs.3 Crore monetary penalty for this bank.

11. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is associated with which of the following Organisation?

12. The 'PNB' open its doors to the general public on:

13. South Indian Bank has its headquarter in which state?

14. Which among the following personalities open their accounts with PNB:

15. Which of the following schemes have been launched for the school-going children?

16. What is the full form of ‘ULIP’, the term which was in the news recently?

17. National stock exchange is located

18. Where is the headquarter of World Health Organization (WHO)?

19. According to 6th Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement of RBI for FY 2017-18, the current Repo Rate is

20. Increased interest rates, as is existing in the economy at present, will


Different competitive examinations are now giving major importance to Banking Awareness in order to look the knowledge of the individual. We have covered all phases in just by a single quiz provided by this page such as banking awareness notes, latest banking awareness questions, banking awareness pdf, in a single Banking Awareness Quiz provided in this page.

So before going through that competitive exams the individual are usually takes a step in order to build their confidence level for cracking the toughest exams so they go through the previous question papers, searching websites for learning , but Do you ever think of a quiz which is a mantra for getting success in the competitive field or learning a new thing?
Now here we are providing certain Quiz on Banking Awareness which is very helpful for the individual to crack their any kind of exams effortlessly and easily along with a necessary explanation. Let’s have a glance look at it.

  • After completion, we can have result along with related and brief explanation which can boost your level of thinking and confidence.
  • Regardless of any restrictions such as age, gender, the domain you can go through this quiz.

About Banking Awareness GK Questions

Banking awareness is nothing but keeping update with current bank schemes and strategies. We have costumer awareness on banking as well as bank employee awareness on banking.

Streams Where Banking Awareness is Used

Not depending on a particular stream Banking awareness is useful for the educational purpose, banks, government policies. As we can see that banks are located throughout the world and have several functioning of their own such as depositing money, crediting, debiting money, withdrawals and loaning schemes. As everything which is related to money or property now completely depends on banks only so one should need to have knowledge of banking regardless of age,  gender. On this banking awareness, we have several competitional exams such as Bank Exams, IBPS, SBI, RBI, PO Clerk etc. So to gain good marks and have better knowledge of it we are providing “Banking Awareness Quiz “by which an individual can crack their competitive exams easily by low efforts.

Benefits of Practicing Banking Awareness Quiz

There are the bunch of benefits by practicing Banking Awareness Quiz. There are:

  • This quiz consists of 25 questions which cover all phases of learning and cracking.
  • It has the certain time limit which makes individual to solve or choose correct answer in given time.
  • The quiz has the status phase which shows the time and the answers to be completed.
  • Here the result part which gives points, marks along with grades such as A, B, C, D.
  • It has explanation part which gives the brief explanation about every question he/ she hasn’t / has answered.
  • This is a tricky quiz and best means need the certain level of understanding, thinking and answering.
  • It is just like a mock test or a competitive test which assure that he/ she is boosting their skill or not.
  • At last, it gives the correct answer with the explanation just like a teacher to a student.

These are many benefits that he/she going to get by cracking this quiz.

Banking Awareness Quiz Results

  • As mentioned earlier the result is placed after the submission of the Banking Awareness Quiz
  • The results show how many questions the individual submitted. As well as marks allotted to the answers and points along with grades of the individuals just like any competitive examinations.
  • After submitting of the quiz along with the result it also shows the correct answer for every question along with an apt explanation.
  • So, by this quiz, anyone can learn, gain knowledge and can easily get success in their competitive exams.

For the daily dose of knowledge, or to crack any of the competitive exams easily visit our website regularly.

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