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Chemistry Quiz

Do you feel nervous about facing the Chemistry related competitive exams? Don’t mind we are here to assist you out with Chemistry Quiz. Moreover, in this post, we are providing the Chemistry GK Questions and Answers which equally helps you out with facing the competitive exams. Similarly, in Chemistry Online Test we have given the Chemistry GK Questions, through which the aspirant can improve their performance. Meanwhile, aspirants who are bored of learning formulas and chemical expressions, we are well furnished with chemistry General Knowledge Questions provided in this post are included from various levels like easy, medium, and severe sections.

Chemistry Quiz Details

Quiz Name Chemistry
Category GK Quiz
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Let’s start the Chemistry Quiz now.

Chemistry Questions and Answers

1. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is a drug used as a:

2. The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its

3. Who is regarded as the father of modern chemistry?

4. Which one of the following non metals is not a poor conductor of electricity

5. The chemical used as a fixer in photography is

6. Horizontal rows in the periodic table are called ___________

7. The purest form of iron is

8. CuSO4.5H2O is the chemical formula of

9. How many moles are there is 140 g of Si (atomic mass of silicon is 28)?

10. Brass is an alloy of

11. The alcohol used in power alcohol is

12. Which one is a naturally occurring noble gas?

13. Gun Powder is a mixture of ______?

14. The system that uses radioactivity to decide the period of materials of the pre-historic period is :

15. What is the relative charge of Proton and Electron?

16. Which substance (in white colour) seen on the inner side of the test tube near its mouth when ammonium chloride is heated in it?

17. Which of the following type of ore is concentrated by froth floatation process?

18. Group 0 elements are ____________

19. Liquid Nitrogen boils at

20. Among the given nutrients, milk is a poor source of

21. Baking soda is

22. In view of environmental Problems, the use of which insecticide has been reduced?

23. Which acid is present in lemon?

24. The alloy of aluminium used for making magnet is

25. Which of the following phenomenon is considered responsible for Global Warming?


After completion of your Chemistry Quiz, correspondingly you can check Chemistry GK Questions and Answers and rectify your mistakes. Chemistry General Knowledge Questions helps the candidate to crack various competitive exams like EAMCET, JEE-MAINS, NEET and other entrance exams for Engineering and Medical Colleges. Thereby, we provide Chemistry General Knowledge Questions which helps candidates to crack the competitive exams in a natural manner through which they can rate themselves individually. Well, after taking the Chemistry Online Test, you can also check whether you can be attempted the exact answers or not. Moreover, we have clearly given the explanation for the individual question. Without late, take the quiz.

About Chemistry GK Questions

  • Chemistry is the science that deals with the materials of the universe, and the changes that undergo.
  • Materials of the universe exist in various forms:
  • Gas: air, oxygen.
  • Liquid: water, gasoline, vinegar, orange juice.
  • Solid: rocks, charcoal, table salt, sugar, wood.

Some Examples of Changes

Simply check some of the examples from this section. Many of the candidates are waiting to check some of the basic examples in various sources. And to help them here in this section, our team has provided the formulas as well as examples. So, take a look at the below.

The burning of charcoal:

charcoal+oxygen → carbon dioxide

The Burning of gasoline:

gasoline+oxygen → carbon dioxide+water vapor

Benefits of Practicing Chemistry Quiz:

There are various types of benefits by practicing these quiz. So, we recommend the competitors to check the below-given points carefully.

  • The timer will be displayed in the top right corner which helps you to know the time and the time which is remained to answer.
  • All the questions with proper explanations with appropriate answers are provided to rectify your mistakes after the completion of your exam.
  • There will be status bar displayed which helps in making you know that the number of questions completed and the problems need to be answered.

Chemistry Quiz Results

Results are displayed after the submission of your Chemistry Online Test. For each question, we have given the explanation. So, evaluate yourself and to rectify your mistakes. By going through this Chemistry GK Questions and Answers, every candidate who is facing any competitive exam can overcome their difficulty and can improve their knowledge. Therefore, visit our website Freshers Now on a regular basis.

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