Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz

Are you sophisticated in knowing about Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz? Well here, in this post we provide you in-depth information about Andhra Pradesh Online Test. Moreover, in this post, we provide Andhra Pradesh GK Questions which helps you to face competitive exams. Furthermore, this Andhra Pradesh GK Questions and Answers will likely help you out to face various competitive exams. This Andhra Pradesh General Knowledge Questions and Answers comparatively helps you to get a grip on various topics. The post not only provides the Andhra Pradesh General Knowledge Questions but also provides an appropriate explanation. So that, the candidates can redress their mistakes. For more updates and complete details please do follow our website

Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz Details

Quiz NameAndhra Pradesh General Knowledge
CategoryGeneral Knowledge Questions
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Andhra Pradesh Quiz Questions and Answers


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1. Total number of districts in Andhra Pradesh

2. How long the Kakatiya dynasty existed?

3. Who built the Kondaveedu Fort?

4. What is to the east of Andhra Pradesh?

5. Nagari is a Municipal town in ..... district of Andhra Pradesh.

6. The Saidani Maa Ki Dargah was constructed in ..... AD.

7. Where is Amareswara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located?

8. Who among the following was the author of Musalamma Maranamu?

9. Polavaram Irrigation Project was declared as National Project under which section of the AP reorganization act?

10. When was Andhra Pradesh formed?

11. Which state is to the south of Andhra Pradesh?

12. Who replaced Ram Lal as governor of Andhra Pradesh in 1984?

13. Which of the following is State animal of Andhra Pradesh?

14. Which of the Following is State fruit of Andhra Pradesh?

15. What is the motto of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department?

16. Who is the Present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

17. What is Andhra Pradesh Area Rank in India?

18. What are the state song and dance?

19. Where is the new capital of city of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati located on?

20. Which is the official language of Andhra Pradesh?

21. Who had to quit as governor of Andhra Pradesh after a CD featuring him appeared?

22. Which was the capital of Andhra Pradesh before 1 November 1956?

23. What is the literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh?

24. Who is the first sportsperson to received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award from Andhra Pradesh?

25. In which district, the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is located


About Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz Questions

Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states in India. It is the eighth-largest state in India covering an area of 162,970 kms. The largest city in this state is Vishakapatnam. Andhra Pradesh is composed of two distinct major regions, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema and hence also called as Seemandhra. Agriculture is dominated by the production of food grains. This is the major sector of the state’s economy, in terms of value.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading rice-growing states in the country. It is the major producer of India’s tobacco. The state rivers, particularly the Godavari and Krishna, account for its agricultural importance. Pulihora or tamarind rice along with green chilies is the popular food in Andhra Pradesh. The vegetarian dishes consist of koora, which include cooking different vegetables of styles – with gravy, frying, with lentils, etc.

  • State Symbols Of Andhra Pradesh
  • Official State Tree – Neem.
  • State Flower – Water Lilly.
  • State Fruit – Mango.
  • Official State Animal – Blackbuck.
  • State Bird – Indian Roller.
  • State Sport – Kabaddi.

The Geographical Facts about Andhra Pradesh includes the following: The Largest Tiger Reserves is Nagarjuna Srisailam Sanctuary. Andra Pradesh has second Longest coastline after Gujarat. Amaravathi is proposed as a new capital of Andhra Pradesh.
Anantapur is the largest district of Andhra Pradesh by area and East Godavari district is largest by population. Moreover, there are many facts that are related to Andhra Pradesh.

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