Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz

Come and take the Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz from this page. The article is mainly to extol you the important information of the state and its tradition, culture. In the same fashion, we have provided you the description of the state. And also we have given Himachal Pradesh Quiz which is coupled with the information as well as the Himachal Pradesh GK Questions and Answers. Usually, aspirants search for many books and sites to grab the information what they need. Similarly, without doing all those things which leads to the time taken, our post will offer you the Himachal Pradesh Online Test which includes the quiz that consists of the Himachal Pradesh Questions and you just need to answer those questions for further improvement of your skills and knowledge.

Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz Details

Quiz Name Himachal Pradesh GK
Category GK
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Kufri Jeevan and Kufri, which are the two famous crops of which crop yielded in the Jayoti region?

2. According to the Indo-German Cooperation Program in which place in the Mandi district of the state, "Dairy Development Unit" was established?

3. Which of the state's newspapers is "Daily"

4. What is the underground water project of Himachal Pradesh is underground

5. Himachal Pradesh came into being on 15th April 1948 and had four districts. At that time which one among the following districts was not the part of Himachal?

6. When was Himachal Road Transport Corporation(HRTC) set up?

7. When did Himachal Pradesh become a state?

8. Which is the official language of Himachal Pradesh?

9. Who is the present Governor of Himachal Pradesh?

10. Manikaran hot water springs’ are present in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

11. Who is the Current Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh (HP)?

12. Which is the Himachal Pradesh (HP) state Bird?

13. How many districts does Himachal Pradesh consist?

14. What is the area-wise rank of Himachal Pradesh in India?

15. Which one is recognized as the state animal of Himachal Pradesh?

16. Which one is the biggest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh?

17. First chief minister of Himachal Pradesh HP?

18. How many Panchayats Samitis are there in Una district

19. Pathankot to Mandi is an NH of No.

20. Who is district head of Medical Services?

21. What is sex ratio in H.P?

22. How many Hospitals are there in Himachal Pradesh?

23. Where is central Potato Research Institute located?

24. Nathpa- Jhakhdi power project is made on which river?

25. Shong-Tong Kadcham power project is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?


Generally speaking about the states and its tradition, culture, and art no one can answer without referring any books or papers. Hence we provide the simplest and an easy way to learn about the state. Thereby, aspirants should revise the given Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions and have a look at it and practice the test until and unless you can get through over the online test. The articles shown below is with the Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions and Answers helps you in ranking your self.

About Himachal Pradesh GK Questions

Moreover, this state is referred to as Deva Bhoomi or “Land of God” or “Adobe of Home”, it is a land where guests are treated equally to god. Himachal Pradesh is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the west, Uttar Pradesh and is on the south and Uttaranchal on the east. A majority of the area is mountainous with lofty ranges deep valleys, swaying waterfalls and lush greenery. The state is dominated by the three main mountain ranges the Dhauladhar Range, Pir Pinjal Range and the Great Himalayan Range. Also, take the Himachal Pradesh Quiz from this page and improve your knowledge.

  • Area: 55,673 sq.km
  • Density: 123/Km2
  • Capital: Shimla
  • Language: Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kinnauri, Pahari, Kangri and Dogri
  • Districts: 12
  • Population: 6,077,900 (2001 census)
  • Literacy: 77%
  • State Animal: Snow Leopard
  • Bird: Western Tragopan
  • Tree: Deodar
  • State Flower: Pink Rhododendron

Benefits of practicing Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz

Well, we have arranged a lot of stuff in this section. So, without late, just take a look and grab the info. There are more benefits if you read this post completely.

  • Aspirants can get a glance at the article and can know the state traditions and customs.
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Results of Himachal Pradesh Quiz

  • As shown above, the table describes the Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz pattern.
  • In the final analysis, aspirants can get a deep understanding of the article.
  • Results are given based on the questions attempted.

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