Haryana GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Haryana GK Quiz

Are you very enthusiastic to take the Haryana Gk Quiz? Then, read the below post completely to know more about Haryana and at the end, you will come to know the brief description of the state. By taking this Haryana Online Test, aspirants can easily attempt their competitive examinations.therefore in this post we will offer you the Haryana Gk Questions and Answers. To be more efficient with the concept and the description of the state go through the below page. Looking into this article will make you learn about the content of the topic which is given. Furthermore, information stay tuned to our Freshers Now site.

Haryana GK Quiz Details

Quiz NameHaryana GK
CategoryGK Quiz
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Haryana GK Quiz Questions and Answers


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1. Which state is to the east of Haryana?

2. Which is the official language of Haryana?

3. Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) is located in which of the following city?

4. What is the area of Haryana?

5. Where is the biggest animal husbandry farm of Asia situated at Haryana?

6. Of which of the following kings' was Thaneshwar city of Haryana the capital?

7. In Which year Haryana became a state?

8. Treaty of Surji Anjangaon was signed in which year?

9. Panchkula district was formed in which year?

10. What is the rank of Haryana state according to Area?

11. The percentage of Haryana Area according to India Area?

12. Which one is recognized as a state tree of Haryana?

13. In which year, Haryana becomes the first state to achieve 100% electrification in rural area

14. The National Dairy Research Institute is located in

15. How many states do the boundaries of Haryana state?

16. Which area of Haryana is located in Shivalik mountain ranges?

17. What is the number of blocks in Haryana?

18. Which city of Haryana is Major Hub for the Information Technology?

19. Which of the following rover is now disappeared?

20. The per capita milk available in Haryana is

21. When was the famous battle of Panipat fought?

22. What is the total area of Haryana?

23. Which one of the following folk dances belongs to Haryana?

24. In which district of Haryana is the 'Badkhal Lake' situated?

25. Mamta kharab is associated with the game of?


The post provides you the Online Test that is related to Haryana GK Quiz.the page below includes the history and the geographical indication of the state and other important information. This article helps you to learn about the state and its culture as well. So, candidates take a quiz on Haryana GK Questions which are entitled below. The below article will assist you to develop the basic knowledge of the state and can easily attempt those Haryana General Knowledge Questions offered in the below test. While reading this article candidates get a summary out of on what they are good enough. So, aspirants speed up to start the Haryana General Knowledge Questions and Answers test as you can also practice it. Similarly by attempting this type of Online Test will enhance your socio skills.

About Haryana GK Questions

Haryana is a state which is located in Northern India. The state shares its boundaries with Rajasthan in the south and west, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the north, and the territory of Delhi in the east. It has 6 administrative divisions and 22 districts and 72 sub-divisions. Moreover, it is one of the top agrarian states contributes substantially to the national food grain pool of wheat, rice, coarse cereals, and pulses. The state represents the face of modern India.

The one heralding the future yet prides itself on being rooted in its magnificent culture. Hence, today it is positioned among one of the wealthiest and the most economically developed regions in South Asia. In 1966, as the creation of the state, Haryana has emerged as a forefront developing state in India and set a glaring example of planned economic development. It has combined growth with equity with minimum gap between rural and urban prosperity. We hope the Haryana GK Quizge helps the candidates a lot.

Haryana General Knowledge GK Quiz Questions – Benefits

Check the benefits related to Haryana GK Quiz from below.

  • Whatever aspirants learn will definitely have benefit.
  • By taking this test can enhance their geographical skills.
  • Meanwhile, we will update the information together with the concept of the state.
  • Within the long run, you may not know a complete concept. Moreover, we provide the important information in detail.

Results of Haryana Quiz/ Online Test

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  • Marks allocated to each question and are displayed at the end.

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