Punjab GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Punjab GK Quiz

Taking Punjab GK Quiz through this page. Down in this post, we are providing the Punjab General Knowledge Questions along with the Answers. So, all those people who are preparing for Different Entrance exams or Recruitment can practice here with the help of the Punjab General Knowledge Quiz. Do you know what is the rank of Punjab among Indian states? Be quick to know about Punjab. Here on our page, we provide a Punjab GK Quiz which provides some questions that gives you good knowledge about Punjab state. Punjab Quiz can be used to improve your skills. And that will be helpful for competitive exams.

Punjab Quiz questions let you know various things that are related to the state of Punjab. That includes several disciplines such as education, religions, economic growth, customs and many other. Also, Punjab Quiz questions and answers are enclosed in our page which is very easy to see those at the same time useful for your future. Generally, moving on to next window creates irritation in our mind but our Punjab Quiz on general knowledge provides it below. Click on to the link to have Punjab GK Quiz and make use of it.

Punjab GK Quiz details

In Punjab GK Quiz we provided a list of 25 questions with multiple choices. You have to complete them within the time span of 30 minutes. After the completion of the exam, your results are published immediately. Look at the tabular format given below which shows you the complete details of Punjab Gk Quiz.

Quiz NamePunjab GK
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Punjab Quiz Questions and Answers


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1. Who was the first one to establish Sikh rule?

2. In the year 2017, who won the Sahitya Akademi Award for the Punjabi language?

3. Which is the birthplace of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

4. Who composed the Ratnawali?

5. Which air force officer has reached upto the rank of Marshal of Air Force in India?

6. Which one is the largest city in Punjab in areawise?

7. In which year the Battle of the Hydaspes was fought between Alexander and King Porus?

8. Which one is recognized as State Bird of Punjab?

9. How many Districts in Punjab?

10. Which country is west of Punjab?

11. Total Population Punjab in the year 2011 is?

12. In old Punjab, Sun-Temple was situated at

13. What is the total forest area in Punjab?

14. The Punjab University was first established in?

15. Which city was the capital of Punjab before India got independence?

16. How many the Border State of Punjab?

17. Who was Punjab’s chief minister in 1956-1964?

18. Which president of India was from Punjab?

19. Le Corbusier who was the architect of the India's first planned city Chandigarh, was from

20. Jhoomar dance belongs to

21. Sirhind Canal is connected with a river?

22. Who had established the Amritsar city?

23. Who is known as the founder of the Sikh Empire?

24. First Punjabi writer to received Jnanpith Award (Gyanpeeth Award)?

25. Who was the first Governor of Punjab?


About Punjab GK Quiz Questions

Punjab is one of the states in India located in Northwestern part. Punjab capital city is Chandigarh. Agriculture is the important occupation for people in Punjab. Punjab is also known as the home of Sikhism. It has 22 districts. Some of the tourist places in Punjab are Golden Temple, Rock Garden, Nurpur Fort and many others. Captain Amarinder Singh, is the current Chief Minister of Punjab. Mainly, Sikhs are living in Punjab for the past several years.

  • Capital city: Chandigarh
  • Languages: Punjabi
  • Population: 27, 704, 236
  • State animal: Blackbuck
  • Bird: Baaz
  • Tree: Shisham
  • No.of Districts: 22
  • Major crops: Wheat, gram, barley, oil seeds

To know more about Punjab GK Quiz questions scroll down to the benefits of the Quiz.

Benefits of Punjab GK Quiz

The main benefits you are having by attempting this Punjab GK Quiz is

  • Boosting their skills by giving their results as grades, points, and marks along with a brief explanation.
  • More amount of information is known about the Punjab state.
  • Benefited by the timer provided like in major competitive exams.
  • Online tests like this help to avoid fear in people.
  • Question wise analysis is given which very useful and helpful.

Results of Punjab GK Quiz

Also, Results are facilitated by the grades and points by converting marks. Results of Punjab GK Quiz are also provided with the explanation to every question that you have faced in the exam. After opting every answer you can see the result of that question. It will give you right answer with a green tick mark. If you have mentioned the wrong answer it will be given with red tick mark and the correct answer is given with green mark along with the wrong answer.

You have a clear view of the questions that you have answered by the explanation. On this page, we also provide a pdf of questions and answers. For more details keep visiting our website freshersnow.com.

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