Gujarat GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Gujarat GK Quiz

Many of the candidates are showing their eagerness in taking the Gujarat GK Quiz. So, aspirants come and join us to know more about the concept and the information of Gujarat. Candidates who are attempting many competitive exams should have a glance at the information about the concept and need to be efficient in that particular area. So in the below post, we will assign the candidates Gujarat Quiz which is an online test. Thereby, the candidates can attempt the Gujarat Online Test easily. This post, Gujarat GK Questions and Answers ensures that the detail description and the queries asked by us are providing with suitable options, and the answer will be displayed as per the submission of the exam.

Gujarat GK Quiz Details

Quiz Name Gujarat GK
Category GK
Number of Questions 20
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


Gujarat GK Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which is the largest city of Gujarat?

2. How many districts are there in the state?

3. Total Assembly Seats

4. Who is the Governor of Gujarat?

5. Which state is North of Gujarat?

6. Which one is the first European power to arrive in Gujarat?

7. Who was the first speaker of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly

8. Gujarat state flower

9. Which sea is to the west of Gujarat?

10. Gujarat formation day

11. Official language of Gujarat

12. Which industry is famous for city Surat

13. Which is the largest city in Gujarat?

14. Which river flows through Surat?

15. Which king of Gujarat is compared to the emperor Ashoka?

16. Gujarat is the largest producer of …………

17. What is the area of Gujarat?

18. Gujrat is bordered by .... state to the south.

19. From the following ports list which port is not associated with Gujarat

20. When was Gir Forest National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary established?


The questions that are present in the Gujarat General Knowledge Questions and Answers are related to the concept of the state as well. In Gujarat Gk Questions, there will be related options with one accurate answer that is comparatively stable to that particular question. Meanwhile, you start the quiz let us learn more about the state of Gujarat.

About Gujarat GK Questions

Gujarat was also known as the Pratichya and Varuna. The Arabian Sea that makes up the state’s western coast of the geographical navigations. The capital of Gujarat is
Gandhinagar is a planned city. The Sabarmati, the largest river in Gujarat followed by the Tapi, although the Narmada river also covers the longest distance in its passage through the state. Many communities, however, include seafood, chicken, and goat in their food diet. The typical Gujarati thali consists of roti, dal or kadhi, rice, and Shaak/sabiz.
The Gujarati’s are known for their diverse culture and their rich traditions. This state is a vibrant mix of the Hindus, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism, and also there are different cultures like arts, traditions, lifestyles, institutions, inventions, and technology. Also, check the below points and know the Gujarat GK Quiz.

  • Capital: Gandhinagar
  • Languages: English, Gujarati, Sindhi, Marwari, Kutchi, Urdu, Hindi, Sourashtra, Vasavi
  • Area: 1,96,244 km2
  • Density: 308/Km2
  • Population: 60,439,692
  • State Animal: Asiatic Lion
  • Bird: Greater Flamingo
  • Tree: Mango
  • Flower: Marigold (Galgota)
  • Literacy Rate: 76.64%
  • Rivers: Sabarmati, Mahi, Narmada, Tapti, Saraswati, Damanganga

Benefits of Practicing Gujarat GK Quiz

  • Candidates can learn more about the Gujarat state and also the culture and tradition that they follow.
  • Aspirants will not only know the brief description of the state but also they can know their level of presence after attempting the exam.
  • Furthermore, they can accomplish the knowledge by practicing their quiz online test many times.
  • To get good knowledge and also to be efficient, they need to study the concept that is been described.

Results of Gujarat GK Quiz

  • After the completion of every exam, we will offer you the marks that what you have scored the test we provided.
  • Based on the exam that they have attempted, the candidate can rank themselves.
  • Hence they can again attempt the test immediately without any disturbance and confusion.

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