Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Uttarakhand GK Quiz

In this page, we are providing you the Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions and Answers For Free of Cost. So this will help you to know the more information about the Uttarakhand. And nowadays, most of the people are lacking in General Knowledge. Even Students and Adults also facing difficulties in clearing many competitive exams. So to increase your GK skills this is a correct platform for you. Here you can find the Uttarakhand General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers. Utilize this Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions and gain good knowledge. It will help you in all the ways such as in your competitive exams. And by going deep down you will find the Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions along with the Correct Answers.

Uttarakhand GK Quiz Details

This Uttarakhand GK Questions GK contains 25 Questions. And the time for the answering all Questions is 30 minutes. And the marks will be alloted according to the performance of the candidates. Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions and Answers are in the form of Multiple Choice Questions which are in the form of objective type and the marks will be awarded automatically if the candidate is able to submit the test within the time limit.

Quiz Name Uttarakhand General Knowledge
Category General Knowledge
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Uttarakhand General Knowledge Quiz Questions

1. Which National Park of Uttarakhand has been given the status of “World Heritage”?

2. Which of the following passes connects Pithoragarh to Tibet?

3. In which district of Uttarakhand "Dhauli Ganga Electric Project" is situated?

4. Which country is to the east of Uttarakhand?

5. Which state is to the south of Uttarakhand?

6. At Rudraprayag, The Mandakini River meets with

7. Source of origin of the Alaknanda River

8. Besides Hindi, which one is the other official language of Uttarakhand

9. What is the literacy rate of Uttarakhand according to 2011 census

10. The devastating flood which is known as Himalayan Tsunami was occured in the year

11. The Char Dham Yatra begins every year in the month of

12. The Uttarakhand state is divided into divisions?

13. The world famous ‘Valley of flowers’ is situated at?

14. Which of the following is not a Tribe of Uttarakhand?

15. Which of the following countries, boundaries touch the Uttarakhand state?

16. How many Polytechnic colleges are there in Uttarakhand?

17. Tiger project is related with

18. On which day is 'Green-day' celebrated in Uttarakhand?

19. What is the percentage of forested area in Uttarakhand?

20. The 2001-2011 decade increase in the population of Uttarakhand is

21. The first Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court is

22. Which one of the following places are reserved for Scheduled Caste?

23. As per 2011 statistics the aggregate populace of Uttarakhand is

24. In which locale of Uttarakhand is the state woodland administrations school arranged?

25. Uttarakhand was known as______in Vedic Period.


Additionally, we are providing you the Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions and Answers. Because, if any candidate wants to know their answers after submitting the exam. They can able to know the examination answers so that will be provided in the above link as shown. So we think this is the right opportunity for you to gain good knowledge and improve your skills in GK can take this Quiz.

About Uttarakhand | Uttarakhand GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Earlier the name of the Uttarakhand was Uttaranchal and recently in 2007, it was altered to Uttarakhand. And the capital city for the state Uttarakhand was Dehradun and it is also the biggest city in the state.

The state Uttarakhand was formed on Nov 9, 2000. And the no.of districts that are located in Uttarakhand are 13. Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand. The rivers that are famous in this state are the Ganges, the Sarayu, the Alaknanda, the Bhagirathi, the Dhauliganga, the Ramganga etc. The languages that are in Uttarakhand are Hindi, Sanskrit, English. The Neighbouring states of Uttrakhand are Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh. And the State Bird, State Animal, State Tree, State flower for Uttarakhand are Himalayan Monal, Alpine Musk Deer, Rhododendron, Brahm Kamal respectively.

Uttarakhand GK Quiz Results

The results will be released according to the submission of the Uttarakhand GK Quiz by a candidate within the time and the marks will be awarded according to their answering for particular Question. I think this page will help you the most in getting a good grip on a particular subject that is general knowledge. These are some of the websites which also helps you to know some of the information about Uttarakhand. Such as shown here Uttarakhand GK Quiz, Uttarakhand History, Uttarakhand General Knowledge Objective Questions and Answers. And for more details visit our website Freshersnow.com.

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