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Gerunds English Questions in the Form of Quiz are available in this post. Please check them and then proceed to take the Quiz. By taking this kind of Quiz, an aspirant can easily, crack many of the Entrance Exams and Competetive Tests. Because these days most of the organizations are testing the Verbal Ability skills of an individual. Therefore, to ace the topic and score good marks. Hard Preparation is needed. Here on this page to improve your chances of mastering the topic we are conducting the Gerunds Quiz. And to know more information regarding Quiz Questions and Answers check this complete post. So candidates who want to improve skills in this topic can look at this page and take this Gerunds Quiz Questions. Then Eventually, you can do good in most of the exams.

Gerunds English Questions

This Quiz is nothing but simply it consists of 25 Questions and 30 minutes time to complete this English Questions. And this Quiz consists of Multiple choice questions which are of objective type. So, the candidates can score good marks based on their performance and skills. And then completing the Gerunds Quiz within the time is very very important this will help you to score good marks. The contenders who are very poor in English grammar also they can take this Quiz Questions as a practice test and by doing this Quiz daily. It will help you to improve your communication skills and also helps you to good in English.

Quiz Name Gerunds Quiz
Category English Questions
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Gerunds English Quiz Questions


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1. ______ dogs do not bite.

2. I detest _____ in public places.

3. Suganya is not capable of ______ hard work.

4. She felt an insect _______ around.

5. I prefer _______ by air.

6. James offered _____ us move.

7. I have decided on _____ a veterinarian.

8. Always check the oil, before you start the car

9. She loves to sing songs

10. To teach grammar is very interesting

11. He is afraid to hurt your feelings

12. I am learning ________ English.

13. He decided _________ biology.

14. I don't recommend _________ the bus - it takes forever!

15. Choose the correct statement

16. On Sundays I go ______

17. I remember ______ you last year.

18. We started _____ dinner without you.

19. She suggested __________ to the museum.

20. I don't want _________ yet.

21. They cannot stop _______

22. People are not allowed __________ in the kitchen.

23. __________ events cast their shadow.

24. Choose the correct answer.

If the program still doesn't work, try ________ the software

25. Don't forget _____ your mother!


If the candidate has any doubt regarding the questions i.e if he/she answers wrong or right for an answer? They have a doubt on that so to overcome your doubt we are providing the Gerunds Quiz Questions and Answers pdf.

About Gerunds Quiz Questions

A Gerunds is nothing but a word it is formed with of verbs but it spells like nouns. They are very easy to identify and every Gerunds is verb with its ending having an ing form. The problem with this is that the Present Participle is letters that end with the ing form. So you should be able to identify that mistake between the Gerunds and the present participle. Now let us know the meaning of a Gerunds as I already told you in the earlier it is nothing but a word formed with verbs but it will act as a noun.

But the main difference between the Gerunds and present participle is that Present Participle does not act as a noun. Instead of that, they act like a total Progressive verb. So to find any Gerunds in a sentence, just use or look at verb + ing so it will be like a noun form. So guys how simple it is to identify Gerunds. Therefore, simply go through the Gerunds English Questions and Answers Quiz Online Test. And I am sure it will help in your carrier like in interviews and in any competitive exams.

Advantages of Practising Gerunds Quiz

So, there are many advantages of taking this Quiz. In a short way, you are trying to improve your chances of Cracking Competetive Exams and Interviews. And down in this post, we are providing many examples. When you go through the below examples it will help you to identify the Gerunds in English grammar. By the end of this article, you have no confusion about identifying the Gerunds when you see them. And here we are providing some Gerunds Quiz Worksheet as shown below:

  •  Let’s go dancing at the club tonight.
  •  Swimming in the ocean has been Sharon’s passion since she was five years old.
  •  Nikhita is cooking for her relatives.
  •  I have been dreaming of summer.
  •  Birds decided that flying above the clouds was the most memorable experience.

Gerunds Quiz Results

The results will be released according to the submission of the Gerunds Quiz within the time by a candidate. Based on the performance of the candidate the marks will be awarded and we also provided you the Gerunds Quiz Exercises with Answers. And to know more information regarding Gerunds visit the websites like  And furthermore, details visit our website

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