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Tense English Quiz is available in this post. Therefore, all the Candidates who want to ace the Topic can check the Online Test made available in this article. Well, the Quiz we are providing on this page is going to help the contenders, to clear the Verbal Rounds in many of the Entrance Exams. Here you go and take the Tense Quiz which is entitled below. The post will provide you interactive Tense Questions which are asked commonly in various examinations and previous papers. Candidates who are willing to attempt the entrance test can have a look at this article.

Meanwhile, read this article for the concept. We have provided the Tense Question and Answers, that will assist you on the content and can overcome the difficulties after taking the test in the below page. So, we recommend you to focus more on the content of the page. Whenever we are writing a sentence or a paragraph, we should learn about this concept.

Tense English Quiz Details

Quiz NameTense
CategoryVerbal Ability Quiz
Number of Questions29
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Tense Quiz Online Test

1. Suganya is typing.

2. When I went back to my hometown three years ago, I found that a lot of changes ______.

3. Ronnie, I ________________ you in a long time. How have you been?

4. Sam __________ the marathon for the first time in 2009.

5. Did you play tennis yesterday?


Whenever, candidates are not good at writing skills, entrance exams, and any written test, they should take this Tense Quiz seriously to know better information about the concept. Moreover, candidates should focus more on the concept and take the Tense English Questions test. The Quiz provided below are very interactive questionaries on the concept. Aspirants say that they are very much tensed while attempting this concept in any online exams as well. So, to avoid that problem they should know the use of tense and the where to use the concept as said below.

About Tense English Questions

Tenses are one of the forms of a verb, describes the time continuance or the completion of any action or a state. In the connection with the moment, in the statement are made in accordance with it. We have three main types of tenses: the present refers to something that happens or exists now, the past refers to something that happened or existed in the past, and the future refers to something that hasn’t happened at the time of speaking. There are four aspects of the main sentences are simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. It refers to an action that has continued up to the present, up to a time in the past, or up to a time in the future.

Candidates should focus on this concept, where to use and when to use, which tense in your sentence or in a paragraph is a common problem for both native and non-native writers in the English language. This article aims candidates to glance at the basic usage of different tenses in academic writing as well. The continuous aspect to the tenses indicates an incomplete action. And also indicates the state of the tense at the time being referred. It is formed using these phrases related to the auxiliary verb. To be present participle of the main verb.

Benefits of practicing Tense English Quiz

  • By the end of the test, the candidates get the complete description of the concept.
  • Candidates can rate themselves quickly.
  • Can get through different competitive and entrance exams.

Results of Tense English Quiz

  • Until the completion the exam, you shouldn’t click on submit.
  • Candidates can take the test as a practice also.
  • For any queries of the candidate, they can visit our site Freshers Now constantly.

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