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Tag Questions

Hi friends, if you want to gain more knowledge on Tag Question in Verbal Section? If Yes, it is possible for the candidates, by practicing the Quiz day by day. And we are providing the Tag Quiz Questions in this article. Well if you are preparing for any National or international wide level of exams then this page will be helpful. This Tag the Question Quiz will help you in the way of scoring good marks. Are you interested in the tag the Question? Meanwhile, learn this page and this contains a bunch of information. Candidates, who are willing to attend for any interviews, competitive exams, and any entrance exams. Here in this, our article will help you in that way go through the Tag Quiz Questions Online Test.

Tag Questions Quiz Overview

Quiz Name Tag
Category Verbal Ability
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

In fact, we have provided you the Tag Questions Quiz Questions and Answers, because the candidate has a doubt regarding the Quiz for that purpose we also provided the Tag the Questions Quiz Questions and Answers pdf. Suppose if the aspirant has any doubt related to the Question. For that, we have provided the pdf with clear explanation. And this page will also help you to improve your verbal ability skills in an effective manner. You can also workout the examples as mentioned below.

Tag Questions Online Test


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1. He’d done that before, _____ he?

2. My nickname in the office is "Slugger",

3. You can swim well,

4. James is English, _________?

5. He has to work late tonight, _________?

6. You wanted that, __________ ?

7. He has a car.

8. He's still sleeping, ________

9. She teaches sky-diving

10. Peter loves his cat, ______?

11. You're coming to the party, ___?

12. There's some milk in the refrigerator, ___?

13. Let us attend the party.

14. Radhika sang well.

15. She looks tired, _________?

16. We were often bored, _______ ?

17. He will be coming _________?

18. She can speak French

19. You do go to school, ________

20. She doesn't speak Spanish

21. Your children don’t go out alone, ____?

22. It won't be anything expensive, ___?

23. You really hate cold weather

24. Arunkumar can play on violin?

25. It's time to go, _________?


About Tag Questions in English

In this section, we have given the overview of Tag Questions concept. In-depth we have to know about details of Tag Questions completion English Questions. For the ease of the candidates, we have provided our best in the collection commonly asked Tag Questions Quiz Questions and Answers in various competitive level of exams and also in interviews point. Just spend 30 minutes of time for this Quiz and gain good marks and knowledge. Most of the aspirants tell that they are poor in while Tagging the Questions.

We know the Tag Question is also known as Tail Question. Tag the Question is which it is a grammatical structure where the declarative or an impressive statement may turn into an interrogative structure like (the “tag”). These Question tags are formed with the combination of Auxiliary or modal verb from the statements and the appropriate subject. For example, consider the below examples and rules.

A Positive statement followed by a Negative Question tag

  • Jack is from Spain it is a positive statement, isn’t he it was the negative statement?
  • Mary can speak English, can’t she?
  • Now, a Negative statement is followed by a Positive question tag.
  • They aren’t funny it is the Negative statement, are they it is a positive statement?
  • He shouldn’t say things like that it is a Negative statement, should he it was the positive statement?
  • Suppose when the verb in the main sentence that was in the form of the present simple will form the question tag with either does/does.
  • You play the guitar, don’t you?
  • Alison likes tennis, doesn’t she?

While if the verb is in the past simple we use did

  • They went to the cinema, didn’t they?
  • She studied in New Zealand, didn’t she?

If the statement contains a word with a negative meaning, then the question tag needs to be positive in the positive manner as shown below. Example as shown below.

  • He hardly ever speaks, does he?
  • They rarely eat in restaurants, do they?

Benefits of The Tag Questions

  • The benefits while writing this Tag the Questions Quiz is useful for the people who are preparing for their competitive exams.
  • The candidates who want to crack their marks in any competitive exams and also in the interviews.
  • Aspirants would be beneficial after reading this page. Hope candidates got a clear idea related to concept named Tag the Question. Candidates will get practical knowledge on the content.
  • This article will guides you in a simple manner how to prepare these for the final exams So this exam will act like a mock test

Results of Tag Questions English Quiz

The results will be obtained after the submission of the Quiz Questions within the time. After taking this Quiz candidate will become skilled in the usage of the language. By learning the content improves your vocabulary. For better results work out more on the website Freshersnow.com.

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