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Do you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge on Suffix? Well, we are together with you to reduce the confusion on this topic. The following post provides you the Suffix Quiz which will boost you to improve your knowledge. The Suffix Questions in this test is from various stages to reduce the complexity of the aspirant. This helps the candidates to reduce the complexity of searching the different websites. Moreover, this site provides you the Suffix Questions and Answers. These get displayed after submission of your exam. As the answers are provided the candidates can easily refer themselves. The Suffix English Questions in this post helps to get through various competitive exams easily. So, the candidates can grab this chance and improve the knowledge. Don’t be late and take the quiz that is provided below.

Suffix English Quiz Details

Quiz Name Suffix
Category Verbal Ability Questions
Number of Questions 25
Time 30 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Suffix English Questions Online Test


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1. Beauty

2. What does the suffix "est" mean?

3. Captivate

4. What does the suffix "ing" mean?

5. We were walk _____ through the park when we saw a squirrel.

6. We chose the large ______ pumpkin.

7. Conditional

8. He passed his exam. He was success __ for the second time.

9. I don't want to get into an argue ___ with you about this.

10. Which of the following words cannot use the suffix - ful?

11. The twins got on very well together and there was no jealous _____ between them.

12. The suffix-less means ____________

13. Denial

14. "-ant" as in "sycophant"

15. Violin

16. Weak

17. Carlos tries to be help _____.

18. The janitor at our school is really friend ______.

19. The class was so noise ______ the kids had to miss recess.

20. There were only a hand ____ of people at the match

21. She speaks Arab ___ very well.

22. Which of the following cannot use the suffix - ure?

23. Which of the following cannot use the suffix - ward?

24. Many people don't trust politic _____ because they tell lies.

25. Hard


Suffix Questions are included in various competitive exams an entrance examinations. These help in increasing the knowledge and communication skills. Moreover, these are used to identify the meanings of the words. For example, consider the candidate is preparing for GRE then he needs to remember the implications of thousands of words. With the help of Suffix, one can know the related meaning and helps in cracking the examination.

About Suffix English Questions

A suffix is a letter or a group of letters that is attached at the end of a word to form the new word. Mastering in common suffixes is like learning a code. Once you crack the system, you can not only spell words correctly but also recognize the words and define unfamiliar words. Typical examples are case endings, which indicate the nouns or adjectives, and verb endings, which form the conjugation of verbs. When we are attaching the Suffix, the following key points should be kept in mind. The spelling of root or base word changes when a these get added. All of them can’t be added to all roots. The suffix can have more than one meaning. Have a look at the following example


The suffixes like –ness and –ly is added to a word, the spelling of the word does not change.
dark + ness = darkness
scholar + ly = scholarly
When the suffix begins with a vowel, drop the silent e in the root word.
care + ing = caring
use + able = usable

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