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Para Completion

Improve the Chance of Cracking Para Completion in Verbal Section. And that can be possible for the candidates, by practicing the Quiz we are providing in this post. Well, if in case you are preparing for the National and International Level Exams. Well, this Para Completion Quiz is going to help you in mastering the topic. Eventually, you can get good marks. Interested in Para Completion? Meanwhile, read this article and have a glance at the concept. Aspirants, who are willing to attempt any various interviews, competitive exams, and entrance exams. Here you go and take the Online Test on Para Completion.

In fact, we have provided you the Para Completion Quiz that to be practical and can start the exam. The Para Completion Questions given in this concept will help you to learn the ability of your vocabulary and also to test your grammar. This page will assist you to solve the verbal ability skills to be effective. You can also work out the test given below for improvement.

Para Completion English Quiz Details

Quiz NamePara Completion
CategoryEnglish Questions
Number of Questions25
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Para Completion Online Test


1. I was only 4 years old when my dad was working with elephants, lions, and tigers. ----. When I was 14, I was already taking care of and raising baboons and lion cubs, leopard cats and other animals. At 17, I began working professionally with elephants. I did that for about 8 years and then gave it up. I have been working in the construction business since then

2. Most firms consider expert individuals to be too elitist, temperamental, egocentric, and difficult to work with. Force such people to collaborate on a high - stakes project and they just might come to fisticuffs. Even the very notion of managing such a group seems unimaginable. So, most organizations fall into the default mode, setting up project teams of people who get along nicely.

3. Nanotechnology is the 1 ______ of ‘miniature’. It is the engineering of working 2 __________ at the molecular level. Due to advancement in the technology area,
nanotechnology is the 3 ________ field that interests many people. From the clothes and sunglasses we wear to computer drives and even cleaning products, nanotechnology which is 4 __________ by the natural world, plays a big part in manufacturing many familiar products of our daily use.

4. Shopping complex-destroyed-bomb-7 o’clock-80 people burnt alive-two young men-seen speeding off-police assured immediate arrest of culprits.

The citizens of Kantipur were shocked when one of its (a) _________ by a (b) _____ The place was crowded and about (c) __________ Witnesses say that (d) _________ on a two wheeler soon after the blast. The police commissioner assured the people that (e) ________

5. What happens to our brains as we age is of crucial importance not just to science but to public policy. By 2030, for example, 72 million people in the US will be over 65, double the
figure in 2000 and their average life expectancy will likely have edged above 20 years. However, this demographic time-bomb would be much less threatening if the elderly were looked upon as intelligent contributors to society rather than as dependants in long-term decline.


About Para Completion English Questions

For those people, this page might be handy. In this section, we have given the overview of the concept of Para Completion. To know about the in-depth details can take the Para Completion English Questions. For the ease of students, we have tried our best and collected commonly asked Para Completion Questions and Answers in various competitive exams and interviews. Just spend your the 30 minutes of time and gain the knowledge. And most of the students are saying that there are weak in Para Completion English Questions

We can know the definition of the concept by its name Para-completion itself. The central theme of this concept is to complete the paragraph with the appropriate meaning sentence. We need to add some phrases within the incompletion to be coherent and complete. This concept is given in the online test to test you how much you are good at the vocabulary as well as the content. Candidates are given a paragraph included spaces to be filled.

Para Completion English Online Test

Meanwhile, to complete the section, they should know the summary of the article offered. Thereby, they can frame the sentences to include. It will be accessible to you while going on practicing this section. To be master with the concept, you should follow four tips which cover the scope of the topic, Scale of the content, continuity of the paragraph and tone of the idea. Para-completion is like a test of your comprehension skills, and by your performance, you can better know your efficiency, your job is to fill the missing line within the paragraph. While answering these type of questions aspirants should keep some important points:

  • Initially, identify the subject of the para given, then think your self what the para describes.
  • Complete the paragraph with your own words that are coherent and relevant.
  • Identify the missing line of the content and understand the happening of the paragraph.
  • Should know the continuation of the paragraph by framing the sentences related to the item.
  • Finally, you should avoid collisions and extreme words.

Benefits of practicing Para Completion English Quiz

  • It will test your comprehension skills.
  • Accuracy in answering the question increases by solving the puzzle.
  • Moreover, we are providing this to you for free of cost.

Results of Para Completion English Quiz

  • After the proper submission of the Para Completion Quiz, you can get your score with grades and points.
  • You can master this topic by constant practicing.
  • Everyone can understand the content as we are providing a summary of the concept.
  • For more details follow us on Freshers Now.

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