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Sentence Arrangement

Are you afraid of Sentence Arrangement in Verbal Ability? then follow this post then you are free from the fear. Here, in this post, we are giving you a questionnaire on Sentence Arrangement as Sentence Arrangement English Quiz. Moreover, you can find the Sentence Arrangement Questions provided for you at the bottom of the page. This Sentence Arrangement Quiz is helpful for the students appearing for tenth class public examinations, Intermediate, SSC, UPSC, Bank clerks, Bank PO’s and many exams. Sentence Arrangement Questions along with the Answers and Explanation are given to you. So, prepare well for the Exams using this Quiz.

Additionally, we are providing the tips to follow while answering a question. Meanwhile, you can get a hope of solving the Quiz better. If you feel practicing more number of exercises is time taken. Then take our Sentence Arrangement Quiz once no need to practice thousands of times. Moreover, this test is available for you all the time for free of cost. Furthermore, Details of the Quiz are here for you.

Details of the Sentence Arrangement Quiz

Here the details of the Quiz are enclosed. Once check for the details of the Sentence Arrangement. There are 10 questions in this Quiz and 30 minutes of the time interval to answer them. Within the time limit you answer the questions otherwise the Quiz automatically submits. Therefore, be careful while attempting the Quiz.

Quiz NameSentence Arrangement
CategoryVerbal Ability Questions
Number of Questions10
Time30 Minutes
Exam TypeMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sentence Arrangement English Online Test

1. All religions are

(P) to advance the cause of peace
(Q) in a holy partnership
(R) justice and freedom
(S) bound together

2. A. totally personal agenda will never bring about this level of fulfillment because that has to result from integration – and not be a substitute for it.
B. One's consciousness then becomes centred in the identity of the soul.
C. Realising ourselves and our potential entails becoming a pure reflection and manifestation of the inner self.
D. Since the soul lives by different laws and values, there is a fundamental conflict in human nature that must be resolved if integration and fulfilment is to be complete.

3. A. Providing benefits for women and children is a societal responsibility which can be funded in a large country through a combination of general taxation and contributory payments.
B. This should further lead to closer scrutiny of the difficulties faced by unorganised workers who fall beyond the scope of any worthwhile labour welfare measures.
C. The enhancement of paid maternity leave for women in the organised sector to 26 weeks from 12 is a progressive step.
D. The reported move to restrict even this meagre benefit to the first child for budgetary reasons is retrograde and must be given up.
E. Positive though it is, the amended law is expected to cover only 1.8 million women, a small subset of women in the workforce.

Which of the following would be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?

4. (A) One evidence of this is that many highly intelligent people are very low on creativity.
(B) In other words they may find replicating a process very easy but creating a process difficult.
(C) But it is unfortunate that in many organisations these replicates are rated high and promoted over creators.
(D) Intelligence and creativity are two different things.
(E) They may understand the things very fast but are poor if any new thing is to be developed; this in long term gives creators an upper edge.

Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence?

5. In the following question, a disarranged sentence is given in which words or phrases are lettered P, Q, R, S… You are to arrange these to form a meaningful sentence.

P: tramp
Q: I was
R: as free
S: as a


About Sentence Arrangement Quiz Questions

Sentence Arrangement is the familiar topic for all the students especially the students appearing for tenth class public examinations. They are essential for them. So, let us explain what it is. Sentence Arrangement means an ordering of the list of statements in the exact order. Some tips to follow while making arrangement are:

  • Understand the passage correctly and order them according to their preferences.
  • Combine any two sentences then you may get a clue while combining them.
  • Try to arrange the pair of sentences in proper fashion
  • Independent phrases in the question seem like the last sentence, but it might be the first sentence too.
  • Once again go through the arrangement and check for exact order.

Benefits of practicing Sentence Arrangement English Quiz

  • The important thing you get from the Quiz is you can easily understand the sentences.
  • Ordering will be easy for you to solve typical questions.
  • Communication skills increase by the sentence order.
  • Proper time management is a benefit from this Quiz.
  • This Quiz will improve the analyzation of a sentence.

Results of Sentence Arrangement Quiz

The results of the Sentence Arrangement Quiz is displayed only after the proper submission of the Quiz or else after the completion of the time slot. These results obtained will give you how to arrange the sentences correctly. There is an informative guide for you after the results, and that contains the answers to the questions that you answer wrong during the Quiz. In addition to that, explanation to every problem is there for you. This Quiz develops your reading skills. Grades, points will help you to assess yourself and comparitively with others. For more updates follow our website Freshers Now on a regular basis.

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